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The Master of Innovation and Commercialisation (MInnCom) is for students who want to work with innovative ideas and develop them into real-life products.

This practice-based pan-university programme is open to all suitably qualified applicants who have an undergraduate degree in almost any discipline, including business, design, engineering, law and science. Prior knowledge is not needed in any specific discipline. You will gain a breadth of skills and industry contacts together with the type of practical experience that is sought by potential employers.

Each student leads a project which fits with their specific interests. This project may be developed in partnership with commercial organisations, with University or elsewhere. Each student has access to a team of supervisors and will receive strong support from fellow members of your multidisciplinary team, as well as interaction with dedicated business mentors and networks both within and outside the University.

This Master’s programme has active support from a wide range of industry, government and research organisations that are associated with innovation and commercialisation.

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Graduate Profile

Career options are vast, and could lead to jobs in product design, development and management, analysis, technology transfer and commercialisation, or as future leaders of innovative companies.

Graduates from the Master of Innovation and Commercialisation programme will:

  • Understand the process of developing new products including research, design and manufacturing considerations
  • Find and validate the market opportunities for new products
  • Evaluate different types of business models and the steps involved in successfully taking a new product to market
  • Understand issues regarding intellectual property protection, regulatory requirements, funding options, and financial forecasting
  • Work effectively within a multidisciplinary team, and with research, industry, and government organisations
  • Develop a sound evidence-based business case for the development and commercialisation of new products.

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Programme Structure

The Master of Innovation and Commercialisation is offered as a full-time programme of two parts over a period of 12 to 16 months.

Part One is an introductory course commencing in Trimester Three 2015, followed by Part Two, which comprises two compulsory courses, and a significant industry-relevant project report, called a research portfolio. Each course involves a combination of workshops, guest speakers, mentor meetings and team work.

Part One:

ATEN 501
Introduction to Innovation and Commercialisation
15 pts

Part Two:

ATEN 502
Strategy and Validation
30 pts
ATEN 503
Development and Commercialisation
15 pts
ATEN 591
Innovation and Commercialisation Research Portfolio
120 pts

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Entry Requirements

  1. A three-year degree with a B+ average at 300-level from a university in New Zealand or, at the discretion of the Associate Dean (Students) of the Faculty of Science, from another university; and
  2. Approval by the Programme Director and the MInnCom Board of Studies.

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Prior to enrolment, a free event will be held in Wellington in October 2015 for students to explore potential projects and meet with potential project partners from industry and research institutions. For more information please contact the Programme Director Jenny Douché.

Interested applicants are also welcome to meet with Jenny or set up a Skype meeting if overseas prior to this event to discuss the programme in more detail. Programme-specific scholarship opportunities may also be available.

Jenny Douché, Programme Director
Email: jenny.douche@vuw.ac.nz 
Phone: 04-463 5479
Skype: 04-463 5479 

Shona de Sain, Associate Dean (Students)
Email: shona.desain@vuw.ac.nz
Phone: 04-463 5092
Skype: 04-463 5092 


*The Master of Innovation and Commercialisation is subject to approval, and replaces the Master of Advanced Technology Enterprise.