Bachelor of Science with Honours

An Honours degree normally follows an undergraduate degree such as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBmedSc) and is an intensive year, designed to provide you with depth in a specialised field. It offers more self-directed study and can lead directly to study for a PhD degree.

A separate Honours programme is available for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Honours.


One year full time or two years part time (with permission from the appropriate Head of School).


A Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field, with an average grade of B+ or higher in relevant 300 level courses.

If you do not have the required background for entry, a Graduate Diploma in Science is recommended and is offered in most subject areas.

Course requirements

A total of 120 points, including a research project worth 30 points for most subjects.

A research project is an important part of the year’s work and is a good opportunity for further study in a selected topic. The project also provides practical training in research methods, an evaluation of published research and experience of the scientific process.

With permission, up to half the optional courses may be substituted with those from other programmes, including some 300-level courses, providing you have the appropriate prerequisites (eg: an Honours degree in Marine Biology may include up to 30 points in 400-level chemistry courses).


Please contact the Honours Coordinator of the appropriate School as early as possible to discuss your plans for Honours, since each programme must be approved at enrolment by the appropriate Postgraduate Coordinator or Head of School.

  • Some Honours programmes have restricted entry.
  • Not all 400-level courses are offered every year. Please check with the School before applying.
  • You may change your Honours programme to Part 1 of a Masters programme during the year.


BSc (Hons) is available in the following subjects:


For more information, please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator of the relevant School or the Science Faculty Office.