Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers an exciting range of study options, exploring the origins of the universe, to the depths of the Antarctic ice sheets, to the processes of the human brain, and more.

Victoria University has a central place in Wellington, the Science Capital of New Zealand. We make the most of ongoing collaborations with local research institutes, healthcare providers and government departments to give our students access to the breadth of opportunities that a career in science offers.

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Aug30Saving species: From Africa to Zealandia
Date: 30 August 2016
Time: 6.00 pm
Presented by Dr Wayne Linklater, Associate Professor Nicola Nelson, and Professor Phil Lester from Victoria's… Read more

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23 August 2016 Saving species - from Africa to Zealandia
With a growing number of species across the globe on the brink of extinction, Victoria University of Wellington researchers are exploring how science can help save them. Read more
18 August 2016 New Zealand decision on Paris agreement welcomed
A climate change expert from Victoria University of Wellington says New Zealand's decision to ratify the Paris agreement this year shows a welcome commitment to addressing climate change. Read more
18 August 2016 The influence of Māori and Pasifika ancestry on health
European and Polynesian genepools are different and should be treated differently when matching tissues for transplants or prescribing medicines, says a Victoria University of Wellington researcher who has just completed an extensive 30-year study. Read more

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Summer research

Three science students who participated in the Summer Scholars Scheme talk about their projects.


Why we fly to space

Dr Alexander Gerst, astronaut and Victoria alumnus, gave a popular public talk about his six-month mission on the International Space Station.

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“The range of papers available has supported my interests and allowed me to experience things I never knew I would be so passionate about.”

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