School of Biological Sciences

Ecology and Biodiversity Research Index

Ben Bell

Ecology, Behaviour, Conservation

  • terrestrial vertebrate ecology and behaviour
  • conservation biology, biodiversity, bioacoustics, herpetology and ornithology
  • biology of pest species

Kevin Burns

Community Ecology And Biogeography

  • Community assembly rules
  • Biological diversity
  • Bird behaviour and cognition
  • Plant-animal interactions

Kevin Gould

Plant Physiological Ecology, Integrated Plant Structure

  • structural and physiological mechanisms through which plants tolerate environmental stressors

Stephen Hartley

Conservation Biology, Invasive Species, Population And Community Ecology

  • bioclimatic modelling, with a focus on spatial analysis
  • the spread of Argentine ants in New Zealand
  • patterns of rarity in plants
  • insect forging behaviour
  • coastal sand dune communities

Phil Lester

Insect Ecology

  • population and community ecology of invasive species, particularly invasive ants in the Pacific region
  • invasive species domination of resources in native communities
  • native species co-existence with invasive species

Wayne Linklater

Wildlife Biology

  • Ecology and behaviour and management of wildlife
  • Human-wildlife socio-ecological relationships in urban landscapes

Andrew Munkacsi

Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

  • Functional biodiversity
  • Functional phylogenetics
  • Molecular natural history of niches, species and genes
  • Functional evolutionary genomics of mushrooms and wild yeast

Nicky Nelson

Conservation Biology

  • sex determination in reptiles
    population ecology
  • eco-physiology

  • conservation techniques

Ken Ryan


  • Climate change biology
  • Ecophysiological effects of UVB, temperature and salinity on photosynthesis, primary productivity and biodiversity in Antarctic coastal marine ecosystems

Heiko Wittmer

Conservation And Ecological Restoration

  • terrestrial vertebrate ecology - mammals
  • dynamics of small populations, including Allee effects
  • predator-prey interactions particularly the effects of changes in relative abundances in multi-prey, multi-predator systems, e.g., apparent competition, introduction of exotics