Proteomics and metabolomics

Proteomics, metabolomics and metabolic flux analysis

We have substantial experience with research projects based on large scale profiling of proteins (proteomics) and metabolites (metabolomics). Technology strengths include protein and metabolite analysis using:

  • GC-MS (Shimadzu QP2010-Plus)
  • LC-MS/MS (Thermo LTQ Orbitrap
  • Agilent 6530 Q-TOF
  • NMR
  • Metabolic pathway analysis using 13C tracers
  • Metabolic flux analysis


We have well-established expertise in microbial, plant and animal proteomics including large-scale characterisation of cellular proteomes responsible for normal function, molecular pathology, drug treatment and mechanism of action studies with environmental toxicants and pharmaceutical lead compounds.

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Metabolomics including quantitative analyses of targeted primary and secondary metabolites can be provided using both LC and GC coupled with mass spectrometry. Derivative analysis of primary metabolites including fatty acids, amino acids and sugars is currently performed using the Shimadzu GCMS. Targeted analysis of peptides, including peptide sequencing using CID MS/MS, is achieved using the ESI MS, which provides accurate mass molecular mass determinations for both parents and sequence fragments.

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Metabolic pathway analysis

Metabolic pathway analysis involves using 13C tracers and metabolic flux analysis for phenotyping the action of the compounds to living cells. We apply 13C tracers and other stable isotope tracers to the cell cultures, analyze the mass isotopomer distributions of the intracellular metabolites using GC-MS and LC MS/MS and quantify the metabolic fluxes in the complex pathways. The mass isotopomer distributions offer direct information about the metabolic activities of specific pathways and the metabolic fluxes give the global quantification of the entire metabolic network. These techniques offer sensitive and quantitative analysis of cellular metabolisms.

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