School of Biological Sciences

Prof Philip Garnock-Jones

Emeritus Professor
School of Biological Sciences

Phone: 04 463 6085
Location: Room 419, Kirk Building, Kelburn Campus

Prof Philip Garnock-Jones

Research Interests

My research focuses on the biodiversity of flowering plants to provide taxonomic information that supports both conservation and informed natural resource use. This research includes taxonomy, evolution, and reproductive ecology. In particular I am interested in the New Zealand members of the Plantaginaceae (especially Plantago and Veronica). I also have research interests in weed taxonomy, plant reproduction (especially of flowering plants and mosses), plant nomenclature, and history of botany.

In 2007 I published a nomenclatural treatment of New Zealand Veronica, including all New Zealand hebes and related plants into an enlarged circumscription of the genus,  provided binomial names for wild hybrids (2008), and added a new species to the inventory (2009). 

Recent student completions include the following.


  • Vincent Woo (Phylogenetics and systematics of Gesneriaceae trib. Coronanthereae)
  • Stephanus Venter (Systematics of Dracophyllum [Ericaceae]).
  • Gesine Pufal studied hygrochastic capsule dehiscence in Veronica and also Colobanthus and Oenothera.


  • Mei Lin Tay completed her MSc on biogeography, character evolution, and taxonomic status of New Zealand Plantago.
  • Jessie Prebble has completed a molecular study of evolution and systematics of Wahlenbergia for her MSc.

Current research includes an SEM study of nectaries in Brassicaceae (with Hamish Carson and Ihsan Al-Shehbaz), several studies on taxonomic status of NZ genera, and considerations of sexual systems in seedless plants.