Nicola Nelson

Conservation Biology School of Biological Sciences


Teaching in 2017

Research interests

Herpetology, ecophysiology, effects of climate change on biodiversity, conservation

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Research interests

Visit the Reptile Ecology and Conservation Research Group web pages.

Selected recent publications

Miller, K.A., Towns, D.R., Ritchie, P.A., Allendorf, F.W., and N.J. Nelson (2011) Genetic structure and individual performance following a recent founding event in a small lizard. Conservation Genetics 12(2): 461-473.

Godfrey, S.S., Moore, J.A., Nelson, N.J., and C.M. Bull (2010) Social network structure and parasite transmission in a territorial reptile, the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus). International Journal of Parasitology 40:1575-1585.

Nelson, N.J., Moore, J.A., Pillai, S., and S.N. Keall (2010) Thermosensitive period for sex determination in tuatara. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 5(2):324-329.

Mitchell, N.J., Allendorf, F.W., Keall, S.N., Daugherty, C.H., and N.J. Nelson (2010) Demographic effects of temperature-dependent sex determination: will tuatara survive global warming? Global Change Biology 16:60-72.

Moore, J.A., Grant, T., Brown, D., Keall, S.N., and N.J. Nelson (2010) Mark recapture accurately estimates census for tuatara, a burrowing reptile. Journal of Wildlife Management 74(4):897-901.

Refsnider, J.M., Keall, S.N., Daugherty, C.H., and N.J. Nelson (2010) Nest-site choice and fidelity in tuatara on Stephens Island, New Zealand. Journal of Zoology 280:396-402.

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