Kevin Gould

Associate Professor, Ecophysiology School of Biological Sciences


Teaching in 2017

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Research projects

My research has focused on the structural and physiological mechanisms through which plants tolerate environmental stressors. Recent projects have included:

  • roles of anthocyanin pigments in the photoprotection, UV-B screening, and thermotolerance of leaves in native New Zealand plants;
  • foliar aposematism as an anti-herbivore defence;
  • protective functions of betalains and anthocyanins in stems;
  • free radicals and antioxidant defences in shoots and roots under stress;
  • cellular basis for the modification of flower colour;
  • nitric oxide as a mediator of plant stress responses;
  • protective mechanisms in New Zealand liverworts;
  • evaluation of antioxidants from native plant extracts and traditional Maori foods as nutritional supplements for humans.

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