Kevin Burns

Deputy Head of School School of Biological Sciences

Research interests

Biogeography, Ecology and Evolution

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Research interests

Island Ecology and Evolution

Schleuning M, Böhning-Gaese K, Matthias DD, Burns KC (2014) At a loss for birds: Insularity increases asymmetry in seed-dispersal networks. Global Ecology & Biogeography 23: 385-394.

Burns KC (2014) Are there general patterns in plant defence against megaherbivores? Biological Journal of the Linnaen Society 111: 38-48.

Burns KC (2013) What causes size coupling in fruit-frugivore webs? Ecology 94: 295-300.

Kavanagh PH, Lehnebach CA, Shea MJ, Burns KC (2011) Allometry of sexual size dimorphism in dioecious plants: Do plants obey Rensch’s rule? American Naturalist 178: 596-601.

Burns KC & Zotz G (2010) A hierarchical framework to investigate epiphyte assemblages: networks, metacommunites and scale. Ecology 91: 377-385.

Fadzly N, Jack C, Schaefer HM & Burns KC (2009) Ontogenetic colour changes in an insular tree species: Signalling to extinct browsing birds? New Phytologist 184: 495-501.

Hunt S, Low J & Burns KC (2008) Adaptive numerical competency in a food hoarding songbird. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 275: 2373-2379.

Duthie C, Gibbs G & Burns KC (2006) Seed dispersal by weta. Science 311: 1575.

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