School of Biological Sciences

Prof Jonathan Gardner

Marine Biology, Ecology, Genetics and Conservation
School of Biological Sciences

Phone: 04 463 5574
Location: Room 805, New Kirk Building, Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Prof Jonathan Gardner

Teaching in 2016

BIOL 416 - Advanced Methods in Marine Science
Course Coordinator

Prof. Gardner has been appointed Visiting Professor by the NZ-UK Link Foundation to the School of Advanced Study, University of London, United Kingdom (October-December, 2011).

Research interests

Marine population and ecological genetics
Aquaculture and genetics of marine invertebrates
Marine reserves and marine conservation
The taxonomy, systematics and biogeography of New Zealand’s marine biota
Shellfish ecophysiology and community ecology

Selected publications

Reisser CMO, Bell JJ, Wood AR,  Gardner JPA. 2011. Connectivity, small islands and large distances: The Cellana strigilis limpet complex in the Southern Ocean. Molecular Ecology 20: 3399-3413.

Hopkins GA, Forrest BM, Jiang W, Gardner JPA. 2011. Successful eradication of a non -indigenous marine bivalve from a subtidal soft sediment environment. Journal of Applied Ecology 48: 424-431.

Gardner JPA, Garton DW, Collen JD. 2011. Near-surface mixing and pronounced deep water stratification in a compartmentalized human-disturbed atoll lagoon system. Coral Reefs 30: 271-282.

Eddy TD, Gardner JPA, Pérez-Matus A. 2010. Marine reserves and community-based co-management as a means to reconstruct historic baselines and promote sustainability for a declining fishery. Public Library of Science One 5 (11): e13670.

Westfall KM, Gardner JPA. 2010. Genetic diversity of Southern hemisphere blue mussels of the genus Mytilus (Mytilidae; Bivalvia) and the identification of non-indigenous taxa. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 101: 898-909.

Pande A, MacDiarmid AB, Smith PJ, Davidson RJ, Cole RG, Freeman D, Kelly S, Gardner JPA. 2008. Marine reserves increase the abundance and size of blue cod and rock lobster. Marine Ecology Progress Series 366: 147-158.

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