SBS Seminar Series 2017 - Dr David Gresham

SBS Seminar Series 2017 - Dr David Gresham

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10 April 2017 from 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm 10th Apr 2017 12:00pm 10th Apr 2017 1:00pm


Real time tracking of copy number variation in evolving populations 

Dr David Gresham

Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, Department of Biology, New York University

Copy number variants (CNVs) are a class of large-effect alleles that contribute to evolution in diverse scenarios ranging from adaptive radiation to domestication. In microbial populations, selection of CNVs is repeatedly observed under conditions of strong selection. Despite the ubiquity of CNVs in adaptive evolution, fundamental questions regarding the origin, fate and dynamics of CNVs in evolving populations remain unsolved. To study the dynamics of CNVs in evolving populations, we developed a novel GFP-reporter assay that allows single cell measurements of de novo CNVs in mixed populations using flow cytometry. We used whole-genome sequencing and breakpoint mapping to identify sequence signatures at CNV junctions to define the diversity of CNV alleles in evolving populations. Our study provides new insights into the evolutionary dynamics and mechanisms underlying this important class of genetic variation. In addition, investigations into QTL mapping and mRNA degradation will be presented.

Undergraduate students and other interested parties are welcome to attend.