School of Biological Sciences

School of Biological Sciences

Explore biology at a school ranked top in New Zealand for its research quality.

Our world-class staff can introduce you to biomedical science, biotechnology, conservation biology, evolutionary genetics, marine biology, New Zealand’s endangered species, reproductive biology and more.

There are also opportunities for you to join more than 200 postgraduate students from around the world who are taking part in groundbreaking research and discovery.

Find out more about what we can offer and our state-of-the-art facilities.


Aug18The 12th Conference of the New Zealand Association of Clinical Research
Date: 18 August 2016
Time: 12.00 am
Venue: The Pullman Hotel, Auckland
The New Zealand Association of Clinical Research (NZACRes) is the professional association for clinical researchers… Read more

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15 June 2016 New Zealand’s biosecurity threat from corrupt and poorly governed countries
New Zealand could dramatically reduce outbreaks of invasive species if it selectively chose its international trade partners, research from Victoria University of Wellington suggests. Read more
15 June 2016 Million-dollar funding to fight antibiotic resistant superbugs
Victoria University of Wellington researchers have been awarded nearly $1.2 million in funding to find new and improved antibiotics from previously untapped sources. Read more
15 June 2016 Making a mockery out of our native plants
A Victoria University of Wellington study has revealed remarkable similarities between two New Zealand plants, and shown possible use of an age-old defence mechanism previously seen only in animals. Read more

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Alistair Brown, PhD candidate

Alistair Brown’s interest in using bacteria to solve a problem drew him to biology. Now he’s doing research he hopes will lead to the identification of new antibiotics. Watch Alistair’s story.