Social Policy

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Wayhu Adiningtyas

Wahyu-addiningtyasMA Student in Social Policy

Supervisor: Dr Chamsy el-Ojeili and Dr Dylan Taylor

The Relative Autonomy of the State in Social Policy Development: Case of Indonesia Government's Policy on Minimum Wage towards Labor Movement from the Old Order to the Reform Era.

My research will examine the reasons why the state endeavors neutrality or manages its autonomy, in the social policy development context. There is a basic assumption that is in the democratic society, the decision making is not concentrated in the ruling class because the state has the interest to cohere the groups and factions. In relation to that, the minimum wage decision making in Indonesia will be selected as the case study of this research. Based on studies, the minimum wage policy has had a significant impact on the citizen welfare, although wage minimum policy was more intended to protect the labour market than for the labour well-being. The study will explore the process of wage minimum decision making in each regime, and investigates the relation among the stakeholders, i.e. government, labors and industrialists. For this purpose, I will research some archival works, and then organise interviews to collect data and information.


Catriana Mulholland

Catriana Mulholland

Phd Student in Social Policy

Supervisors: Dr Sandra Grey, Dr Ben Snyder

Conversations from the Coalface: Positive Asymmetry and the Culture of Silence Surrounding the Pike River Mine (2010) Disaster.

My research will analyse the positive asymmetry and culture of silence that surrounds the Pike River Mine (2010) Disaster. I intend to map the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry alongside voices of the affected Greymouth Community; examining models of accident causation and some of the clouding, eclipsing and recasting practices that exist[ed] at cognitive, cultural and systemic levels; with the view to forecasting and averting future workplace tragedy in Aotearoa/ New Zealand.