School of Social and Cultural Studies

This information is for the 2016 academic year. See information for ANTH 312 in 2017.

ANTH-312 – Representing Others: The Challenges of Ethnography

Points:20Prerequisites:20 pts from ANTH 200–299
Faculty:Humanities & Soc ScCorequisites:None
School:Social & Cultural StudiesRestrictions:None

Anthropologists believe that ethnography is a valid method of research although they recognise that fieldwork is a creative and contingent process. This course looks at the implications of contested methods and data and the significance this has for Anthropology. 100% internal assessment.

Tuition Fees

2016: domestic $876.00     international $3,985.80

Set Text

There is no set text for this course. Reading lists will be announced in class and available on E-Reserve at the Library as well as on Blackboard.

Recommended reading

Borofsky, Rob (2005). Yanomami: The Fierce Controversy and What We Can Learn from It. Oakland: University of California Press. (Available from the library as an e-book)

Ginsburg, F.; Abu-Lughod, L. and B. Larkin (eds.) (2002). Media worlds: anthropology on new terrain.  University of California Press. (Available as an ebook from the library)

Gross, L.; Katz JS. and J. Ruby (eds.) (2003). Image Ethics in the Digital Age.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Orans, Martin (1996). Not Even Wrong: Margaret Mead, Derek Freeman, and the Samoans.Novato: Chandler and Sharp Publications.

Waterston, Alisse, and Vesperi, Maria D. (eds.) (2009). Anthropology off the Shelf: Anthropologists on Writing. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell. (Available as an ebook from the library)

Trimester 1 2016

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
280 29 Feb – 20 Mar 2016Thu0900 - 0950Murphy [Kelburn]LT101Caroline Bennett*
Hal Levine
29 Feb – 27 Mar 2016Mon0900 - 0950Murphy [Kelburn]LT101
28 Mar – 24 Apr 2016Thu0900 - 0950Murphy [Kelburn]LT101
4 Apr – 24 Apr 2016Mon0900 - 0950Murphy [Kelburn]LT101
2 May – 5 Jun 2016Mon0900 - 0950Murphy [Kelburn]LT101
2 May – 5 Jun 2016Thu0900 - 0950Murphy [Kelburn]LT101

Course Outline Information

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