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Classics, Greek and Latin

Please note: Information on this page relates to the 2015 academic year unless otherwise specified.

This subject is taught by the School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies.


Emperor Marcus Aurelius tells us, "All things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion." But in Classical Studies, research into ancient Greece and Rome is more alive than ever. From language to democracy, the foundation of Western culture is in the classical world.

At Victoria, you can take a Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in Classical Studies, Greek or Latin. No previous understanding of either Latin or Greek is required. You will get a comprehensive training in rigorous thinking, analysis, and the understanding of complex issues, as well as an invaluable education in the literature, history, myth, and art of the ancient world.

Classical Studies also provides insights into other subjects such as English, Philosophy, Art History, and Religious Studies. "What follows is ever closely linked to what precedes," Marcus Aurelius also said. Go deep into the past and you will understand the future.

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Undergraduate information

Classics major requirements

Students wanting to major in Classical Studies are encouraged to include some Latin or Greek courses in their degree. One 100-level CLAS course may be replaced by one of LATI 103 or LATI 213 or GREE 112.

  1. 40 points from CLAS 100-199
  2. 40 points from CLAS 200-299
  3. 40 points from CLAS 300-399
  4. 20 further points from CLAS 200-399 

Greek major requirements

  1. CLAS 104 and 40 points from GREE 100-199
  2. 40 points from GREE 200-299
  3. 40 points from GREE 300-399

Latin major requirements

  1. CLAS 105, LATI 103*, LATI 104
  2. 40 points from LATI 200-299**
  3. 40 points from LATI 300-399

*With approval, 20 further points from CLAS 100-199 (with the exception of CLAS 105) may be included instead of LATI 103.

**Students approved to begin at 200 level are required to do 40 further points from LATI 300-399.

If you have studied Latin at NCEA Level 2, you should enrol in LATI 104 rather than LATI 103. If you have NCEA Level 3 or Bursary Latin, you should enrol in LATI 213.

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Postgraduate information

Postgraduate qualifications in Classical Studies, Greek or Latin

For information specific to Classical Studies, Greek and Latin, please see our Postgraduate Study page. For information about the postgraduate qualifications, please click on the Faculty links below.

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How to find out more and staff contacts

You can order more information on this subject using our Request for Study Material form.

Victoria's Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation Office offers advice on courses and help with planning your degree.

Contact the Humanities and Social Sciences' Faculty Student and Academic Services Office for information on admission, qualifications and courses, course advice and selection criteria, exemptions and prerequisites.

Classical Studies, Greek and Latin courses are taught within the School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies. The Classics Office is located in OK 508, Old Kirk Building, Kelburn campus.

Meet staff who teach in the Classics Programme, or contact:

Annie Mercer
School Manager
Phone: 0-4-463 5807

Hannah Tokona
Phone: 0-4-463 5319

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List of courses

For a complete course listing, see the list of all Classical Studies, Greek and Latin courses.

100 Level Courses

CLAS 101 – Greek Literature, Myth and Society

CLAS 102 – Greek Art: Myth and Culture

CLAS 104 – Greek History

CLAS 105 – Roman History

GREE 112 – Introduction to Greek

GREE 113 – Elementary Greek

LATI 103 – Introduction to Latin

LATI 104 – Elementary Latin

200 Level Courses

CLAS 202 – Etruscan and Roman Art

CLAS 203 – Greek and Roman Drama

CLAS 204 – Greek Mythology

CLAS 207 – Roman Social History

CLAS 208 – Greek Social History

CLAS 209 – Bronze Age Aegean Art and Archaeology

CLAS 210 – Greek and Roman Epic

CLAS 211 – Myth and Storytelling

CLAS 212 – Special Topic

CLAS 213 – Troy and the Trojan War

GREE 215 – Intermediate Greek

GREE 216 – Greek Literature

LATI 213 – Latin Literature and Language A

LATI 214 – Latin Literature and Language B

300 Level Courses

CLAS 302 – Etruscan and Roman Art

CLAS 303 – Greek and Roman Drama

CLAS 304 – Greek Mythology

CLAS 307 – Roman Social History

CLAS 308 – Greek Social History

CLAS 309 – Bronze Age Aegean Art and Archaeology

CLAS 310 – Greek and Roman Epic

CLAS 311 – Myth and Storytelling

CLAS 312 – Special Topic

CLAS 313 – Troy and the Trojan War

CLAS 320 – Greek Field Trip

GREE 315 – Advanced Greek Literature A

GREE 316 – Advanced Greek Literature B

LATI 330 – Advanced Latin Literature

LATI 331 – Advanced Latin Literature

LATI 332 – Advanced Latin Literature

LATI 333 – Advanced Latin Literature

400 Level Courses

CLAS 401 – Topic in Literary Genre

CLAS 402 – Art

CLAS 404 – Topic in History and Historiography

CLAS 406 – Special Topic

CLAS 420 – Greek Field Trip

CLAS 489 – Research Project

GREE 401 – Greek Prose Texts

GREE 402 – Greek Tragedy

GREE 403 – Greek Verse Texts

GREE 405 – Special Topic

GREE 489 – Research Project

LATI 401 – Latin Prose Texts

LATI 402 – Augustans

LATI 403 – Latin Verse Texts

LATI 405 – Special Topic: Neronian Literature

LATI 489 – Research Project