Art History

Meet our Art History alumni and find out how their degrees have helped shape their careers.

Studying the history of art enriches one's life in many intangible ways, but it also can lead to worthwhile careers in the visual arts industry. The global art market was valued at over US$60 billion in 2012 and many of our graduates go on to take up positions with museums, galleries, and auction houses, both in New Zealand and overseas, or go on to study art history at a higher level. The following profiles of recent graduates from the Art History programme give a taste of the kinds of careers that are possible with this degree in hand.

K. Emma Ng

K. Emma Ng writer and curator

Dr Rebecca Rice

Rebecca worked as a physiotherapist before a passion for art led her back to university.

Alice Tappenden

Meet Alice, a Victoria graduate and Trustee of Enjoy Public Art Gallery.

Elizabeth Bisley

After studying at Victoria, Elizabeth went on to work for the V&A in London.

Damian Skinner

Damian received his PhD in 2006, and has authored a number of art-related publications since.

Matthew Plummer

Studying art history has equipped Matt with a variety of real-life, transferrable skills.