School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies

ARTH-335 – Special Topic: Topics in Pacific Art

Faculty:Humanities & Soc ScCorequisites:None
School:Art Hist, Classics & Relig StRestrictions:None

This course will look at art and visual culture in the Pacific region (Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia) from the end of World War Two to the present. Topics examined will include art and nationhood, cultural revival, indigenous modernism and Contemporary Pacific art. 70% internal assessment, 30% examination.

Set texts

Course Handbook from vicbooks Kelburn, Easterfield Building.

Recommended reading

Thomas, Nicholas, Oceanic art. London: Thames and Hudson, 1995.
Brunt, Peter and Nicholas Thomas, Sean Mallon, Lissant Bolton, Deidre Brown, Damian Skinner and Susan Küchler, Art in Oceania: A New History, London: Thames and Hudson, 2012.

This course is not currently being offered.

Course Outline Information

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