Geoff Troughton

Senior Lecturer School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies


Teaching in 2017

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PhD, MA (Massey); BA Hons (Cant); BTheol (Otago)

Research specialties

My research focuses on religion in New Zealand society and history, and more broadly on the history of Christianity. I address a wide range of topics and traditions within these general areas. Recent writing has included work on peacemaking, missions, religion and welfare, alcohol, secularisation, politics, and childhood.

I also research contemporary religious change, particularly in connection with the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study (NZAVS), a large longitudinal study created by Chris Sibley (Auckland) in 2009.

Current research projects

1. My major current research project, "A Banner of Peace? Missions and Peace Activism, 1814-1850", is funded by a 3-year Marsden Fast Start grant. The project explores the peace dimension in early missionary Christianity in New Zealand.

2. A related project brings together various aspects of religious peace activism in New Zealand.

3. History of Christianity in Australasia and the Pacific.

Recent publications

Links to PDFs of articles and book chapters


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Troughton, Geoffrey, and Stuart Lange, eds. Sacred Histories in Secular New Zealand. Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2016.

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Journal articles

Shaver, John H., Geoffrey Troughton, Chris G. Sibley and Joseph A. Bulbulia. 'Religion and the Unmaking of Prejudice towards Muslims: Evidence From a Large National Sample.' PLOS ONE (9 March 2016). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0150209.

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Book chapters

'Making Kiwi Christians: Children and Religion in the House of Reed.' In Creating Religious Childhoods: Children and Religion in the Anglo-World and British Colonial Contexts, 1850-1950, eds. Hugh Morrison and Mary-Clare Martin, 181-98. London: Routledge, 2017.

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