About us

Welcome from the Head of the School of Art History, Classics, and Religious Studies.

Welcome to the School of Art History, Classics, and Religious Studies (SACR) which includes Museum and Heritage Studies.The academic disciplines embraced within SACR examine the great cultural, artistic, intellectual and spiritual traditions that have shaped, and continue to shape, today's world. As such, the School is a proud and vibrant part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria University.

Our teaching staff, recognised experts in their fields, offer courses that strive to understand our world better by exploring its roots in classical antiquity, its rich religious diversity, and its grand artistic and cultural heritage. Many have received prestigious teaching awards and the School is proud of the number of research grants achieved that indicate the high quality of research which feeds into our teaching. The 'Information About' buttons on the right hand side of each page allow you to find out more about the programmes, their staff, and the courses offered.

I look forward to meeting many of you, whether as students in courses I teach or as part of the wider student body that SACR serves. I believe you will find your time in the School rewarding at all levels of study and hope that you continue your relationship with us through our public programmes long after graduation.

Professor Art Pomeroy

Head of School