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Graduate Diploma in Commerce - Taxation

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Graduate Diploma in Commerce

Victoria’s Graduate Diploma in Commerce is a flexible qualification designed for Commerce graduates who want to move into a new specialisation and for graduates in other areas who want to gain a commerce qualification.

The programme is open to all graduates, although students near the end of their degree may take some courses for the Diploma, providing they complete the degree before completing the Diploma.

The Diploma is equivalent to two trimesters of full-time study, although it may take longer depending on the sequencing of the courses or the specialisation chosen.

The courses selected for the Diploma must total at least 120 points at 200-level or above, with at least 75 points at 300-level or above.

Your course of study can follow a specialisation within a Commerce subject area (based on the specialisation major), or you may choose your own combination of courses as long as it is approved by the Associate Dean (Students) as a coherent programme of study.

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Taxation Specialisation

The Taxation Specialisation consists of the following courses:

  1. TAXN 201;
  2. COML 204, and one further approved 200-level COML or ACCY course;
  3. TAXN 301, and two further courses from TAXN 300-399; and
  4. Two approved 300-level courses.

Please note that this specialisation could require as much as 135 points unless one of the 200-level courses has been passed previously for another qualification. Therefore, it may take more than one-year (full-time) to complete.

Prerequisites and corequisites for these courses must be met. Please check the School’s current Academic Prospectus for information on when courses are offered and their prerequisites.

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Graduate Certificate in Commerce

The Graduate Certificate in Commerce is equivalent to one trimester of full-time study (although it can be taken part-time), open to graduates in any field, and nested within the Graduate Diploma of Commerce.

The courses selected for the Certificate must total at least 60 points at 200-level or above, with at least 40 of those points be at 300-level or above.

Specialisations may be obtained in Taxation by choosing all courses from that subject area. Alternatively, a certificate consisting of a coherent course of study in several areas may be completed without a specialisation.

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How To Find Out More

See the Prospectus or Guide to Enrolment for details of specialisation requirements and courses.

For further information on the Taxation Specialisation, please see the current Academic Prospectus or contact the School.