School of Accounting and Commercial Law

Bachelor of Commerce with Honours

The Honours degree in Accounting is a one-year, full-time programme for graduates with a BCom (or BCA) in Accounting (or equivalent).

The Honours programme is a research-based degree in which you will develop the ability to conduct rigorous independent research and to explore conceptual and theoretical issues within the accounting discipline.

The Honours programme, through its focus on research, develops the following skills:

   • critical assessment and analysis of current research in accounting
   • conducting research and constructing arguments
   • communication skills, both written and oral
   • independent study 
   • time management

Graduates with superior analytical skills are in demand in the business, academic and public sectors.

Courses and workload in the BCom(Hons) programme

The BCom(Hons) programme consists of seven courses, including three core courses and a wide choice of electives.

At Honours level the biggest challenge for students is generally not the amount of work but the evidence of the depth of understanding required. Most Honours courses are taught through compulsory weekly seminars, frequently in the form of student discussions guided by the lecturer, and students are often required to make presentations on set readings.

Honours courses require students to read and critique detailed research articles. Assessment is based less on numerical calculations and more on thoughtful participation and research-based presentations and projects.

Entry requirements for a BCom(Hons) in Accounting

While entry to the BCom(Hons) in Accounting programme normally requires a BCom (BCA) in Accounting (or equivalent), selection is determined by academic merit and by interview. Students with consistent undergraduate grades of B or better in compulsory 300-level Accounting courses are well placed for consideration.

However, entry decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and the most important criteria for entry are an enthusiasm for the programme, a demonstrable ability to think critically, a confidence with written and oral communication, and a curiosity and an eagerness to question ideas and practices.

Enrolling in a BCom(Hons) programme

You can enrol online or complete an Enrolment Application available from the Enrolment Office, Freephone 0800 VIC UNI (0800 842 864) Enrolment Applications are due by 10 December. In addition to the enrolment application, applicants are also required to provide supplementary information in preparation for an interview.

BCom(Hons) and Accounting Professional Bodies

To meet the academic requirements of the accounting professional bodies (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia, and ACCA), students completing a BCom(Hons) in Accounting should ensure they have passed the following courses during their three years of undergraduate study:

  • Economics: ECON 140
  • Statistics: QUAN 102 or QUAN 111
  • Organisational management: MGMT 101
  • New Zealand commercial law: COML 203, COML 204 and COML 310
  • Financial accounting: ACCY 231 and ACCY 308
  • Management accounting: ACCY 223 and ACCY 302
  • Auditing: ACCY 330
  • Business finance: FINA 201 or FINA 211 
  • Taxation: TAXN 201 and TAXN 301*
  • Accounting information systems: ACCY 225

* Note: COML 310, QUAN 111, and TAXN 301 are only required by some of the professional accounting bodies. Please see the section on this web site relating to the accounting profession for further details.


Students with excellent academic records can apply for Victoria Graduate Awards which cover fees for the year. To find out more about scholarships contact the Scholarships Office.

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