Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference 2017

8th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance conference held at Victoria University of Wellington.

FMCG 2017 Conference: 20 & 21 April 2017

FMCG 2017 PhD Symposium: 19 April 2017

Academics and PhD students are invited to the 8th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference  and PhD Symposium (FMCG 2017), to be held at Victoria Business School, Bunny Street, Wellington, New Zealand from 19-21 April 2017.

FMCG 2017 will be hosted by Victoria University of Wellington (School of Accounting and Commercial Law, School of Economics and Finance, and Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research), in conjunction with the Department of Banking and Finance, Monash Business School, Monash University, and La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University.


About the Financial Markets and Corporate Governance conference

The 2017 conference theme is Information and Capital Markets, and will cover all aspects of Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Investments, and related areas.

The conference is on Thursday 20 to Friday 21 April 2017 at Victoria Business School, and will be preceded by a PhD symposium on Wednesday 19 April 2017.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Katherine Schipper

Thomas F. Keller Professor of Accounting
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

Professor Richard Roll

Linde Institute Professor of Finance
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Peter Clarkson

Professor of Accounting
UQ Business School
University of Queensland

Professor Renee Adams

Commonwealth Bank Chair in Finance
School of Banking and Finance
University of New South Wales

FMCG 2017 call for papers

The Conference Steering Committee welcome papers related to all aspects of Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Capital Markets, Market Microstructure, Corporate Finance, Investments and Funds Management, Emerging Markets, and related areas.

The PhD Symposium will provide PhD students with the opportunity to present their proposal or a working paper and receive expert feedback on their academic work. Students may submit working papers in the same subject areas as those covered by the conference.

The deadline for all submissions is 22 January 2017, and authors will be notified of the selection results by 12 February 2017.

See further details about Submission of Papers to FMCG 2017

Special Conference Issue - Pacific Basin Finance Journal

Pacific Basin Finance Journal will run a special conference issue of the journal and all presenters at the conference are invited to consider submitting their papers for publication. Pacific Basin Finance Journal, published by Elsevier, provides a specialised forum for the publication of academic research on capital markets.


Accounting Research Journal is offering an award of AU$1000 for the best paper presented at the conference or symposium by an emerging scholar.

Securities Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA) is offering an award of AU$1000 for the best paper presented at the conference employing SIRCA data products.

FMCG 2017 conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held at 7 pm on Thursday 20 April at Te Papa Museum, and attendees will be able to visit the Gallipoli exhibition at the Museum prior to the dinner. The fee for the dinner and exhibition is included in the registration fee.

Gallipoli: The scale of our war at Te Papa

Post conference Martinborough gourmet wine tour

FMCG Conference and PhD Symposium attendees are invited to attend a tour of selected Martinborough vineyards in the Wairarapa wine growing region on Saturday 22 April.


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and is an attractive vibrant harbour city well known for its culture and quality of restaurants.

Information on Wellington and accommodation options

Fees and registration

Registration for the FMCG Conference and PhD Symposium opens on 1 October 2016.

See further details about registration for FMCG 2017