School of Accounting and Commercial Law

New Zealand tax reform - where to next?

A major tax policy colloquium to be hosted by
Victoria University of Wellington

Public session: 4pm-7pm Wednesday 11 February 2009
Colloquium: Thursday 12 - Friday 13 February 2009

Victoria University – supported by a number of government departments and private sector organisations – is bringing together leading tax experts in a major colloquium in February 2009 to share and debate latest thinking around New Zealand’s tax policy.

The colloquium will assess the prospects for medium-term tax reform in New Zealand by reviewing the merits and limitations of the current tax system in the light of national and global developments and lessons from the latest tax research.  On Wednesday, a public session will set the scene for the colloquium.  It will consider what lessons can be learned from tax reform experience in New Zealand in the recent past, from our nearest neighbour Australia and key challenges for the future.

On Thursday and Friday, sessions at the two-day colloquium will consider:

  • The impacts of taxes on firms’ investment decisions, productivity and growth performance
  • Company tax, savings and investment
  • International tax and dual income tax systems
  • Taxes and the labour market
  • Taxes and income distribution
  • The way forward for tax reform in New Zealand.

Speakers from Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand will include:

… from overseas:

Rosanne Altshuler
Rutgers University
John Creedy
The University of Melbourne
Jane Gravelle
Congressional Research Service
Christopher Heady
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Guyonne Kalb
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Greg J. Smith
Australian Catholic University, Review Panel “Australia’s Future Tax System”
Peter Birch Sørensen
University of Copenhagen

… from New Zealand:

Matt Benge
Inland Revenue
Peter Conway
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions
Norman Gemmell
The Treasury
Rob McLeod
Business Roundtable
Robin Oliver
Inland Revenue
Phil O’Reilly
Business NZ
David Patterson
Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Lawyers
John Shewan
Keith Taylor
Inland Revenue
David White
Victoria University of Wellington

For further enquiries, please contact:

Colloquium Administrator:
Vanessa Borg
Victoria University of Wellington address

Colloquium Chair:
Associate Professor David White
Victoria University of Wellington address