School of Accounting and Commercial Law

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We pursue and share knowledge of accounting and commercial law within a dynamic and inclusive learning environment while actively engaging our stakeholders and the wider community.

In pursuing our mission, we actively engage in:

  • the pursuit of excellence in accounting and commercial law
  • the promotion of diversity
  • local and international collaboration, recognising our unique location in the capital city of New Zealand
  • involvement with our students, graduates, the professions, government, industry and the community.

Our Vision

1. To facilitate the pursuit of knowledge in Accounting and Commercial Law, by:

  • providing a distinctive contribution to research in accounting and commercial law across the full spectrum of research methodologies
  • conducting both pure and applied research and disseminating it widely
  • providing research that impacts the advancement of the profession, industry, government and the community.

2. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge in Accounting and Commercial Law, by:

  • preparing the School’s undergraduate and postgraduate students to be thought leaders in the professions, industry, government, community and academia by ensuring they have sound business and accounting knowledge that meets stakeholder expectations together with well-developed communication, technical, analytical, critical and conceptual skills
  • preparing the School’s postgraduate students for research careers through scholarly excellence.

3. To facilitate stakeholder and community engagement, by:

  • contributing to public debate on issues within the fields of our expertise
  • providing leadership to the accounting and legal professions, industry, government and community through the participation on committees and boards
  • providing ongoing professional development of business professionals through the provision of seminars
  • serving our University community and international academic community
  • contributing our expertise to assist our wider community within New Zealand and internationally.