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Listed below are forthcoming events either hosted by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law (SACL) or the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research (CAGTR) or the Chair in Public Finance.

The ‘investment approach’ provides a helpful new tool for public spending policy and evaluation

Date: 22 June 2015

Time: 4.00 pm

Venue: Groundfloor, MBIE, 15 Stout Street

The Chair in Public Finance and Government economics Network present the final of three debates in the 2015 Public Finance Series.
The ‘investment approach to welfare,’ advocated and implemented by the National government as a basis for redesigning social welfare policy, has been the subject of various economic critiques. Most notably, that traditional social cost-benefit analysis provides a superior approach to evaluating policy outcomes or making policy choices. So, is the widening of the investment approach to a broader range of public spending and policies flawed for the same reasons? Or does an investment approach provide a better basis for future Budget spending decisions? At this debate speakers will outline the arguments for and against each of these views. This debate will be followed by refreshments.

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