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Listed below are forthcoming events either hosted by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law; or the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research; or the Chair in Public Finance.

CAGTR Business Links Seminar - Professor Eva Eberhartinger

Date: 15 June 2016

Time: 5.30 pm

Venue: Hunter Council Chamber, Hunter Building, Kelburn Parade, Wellington **

Since 2010, media reports have drawn attention to the fact that some highly profitable multinational companies seem to pay comparatively little corporate income tax in the source country, with effective tax rates on foreign profits of Google Inc. and Apple Inc., for example, of 3% and 1%, respectively. In 2013, the OECD published a global action plan comprising 15 actions aimed at tackling the base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) of multinational enterprises. After two years of intense work the final reports on the actions were delivered and endorsed by the G20 in February 2016. Since then, the OECD together with non-OECD countries have worked on specification and implementation. The EU strongly supports the OECD, it issued a draft directive which addresses several of the BEPS issues. However, the draft directive is not fully in line with the OECD´s suggestions.

Professor Eberhartinger´s talk will present the background of the BEPS Action Plan and discuss the current state of implementation in OECD and EU. She will critically analyse the effect that the measures suggested may have, from a tax policy perspective as well as from a firm´s perspective.

Seminar flyer available here.

**The Hunter Council Chamber is on the north side of Level 2 in the Hunter Building. Entrance can be gained through the main glass doors from the Hunter Courtyard - the plaza on the left, half way up the Kelburn Parade hill just before the overhead walkway and between the two pedestrian crossings – or up the steps from behind the Hunter Building. Wheelchair access is possible through the former - a lift is available from the main foyer to Level 2. Car parks on the campus can be found through Gate 1 after 6pm, or metered parks on Kelburn Parade.

The Dissenting Opinion of BRICS Practitioners on the BEPS Agenda - Professor Eva Eberthartinger (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Date: 17 June 2016

Time: 11.00 am

Venue: RWW129

Our research investigates the opinions on the OECD BEPS Action Plan of tax experts from practice in BRICS countries vis-à-vis developing countries and OECD countries. In an adaptive conjoint analysis, we find that experts from BRICS countries have a substantially different view on the effectiveness of the Actions and the measures as suggested in the Action Plan. This supports the notion that OECD countries act in their own interests and reach out to non-OECD countries more to seek support for their own agenda than to truly include their priorities. Also, it can be expected that BRICS countries will increasingly assume the role of a norm maker in future international tax policy. Our results contribute to the current reorganization of principles of international taxation, and highlight actions of higher importance.

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