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Listed below are forthcoming events either hosted by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law; or the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research; or the Chair in Public Finance.

“Public Financial Management – Why should the public care?”

Date: 13 September 2016

Time: 7.30 am

Greece, Puerto Rico and Argentina may get all the press, but regrettably the quality of public financial management and government accounting in many other countries remains dismal. In many cases the basic tools, audited financial statements, are not produced and even when they are they frequently play little role in budgeting and performance management. This exposes citizens to a variety of risks, from ineffective services to financial stress and instability. In a globally connected world, government financial distress can be contagious, as Europe has so painfully discovered. Action to address these risks is needed from citizens, governments, international institutions and the accounting profession.

Presented by Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)

Rob Whiteman joined CIPFA as Chief Executive in September 2013.  Earlier he was Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency and had previously led the Improvement & Development Agency. In earlier years he worked in local government and in 2008 was named one of the ten most influential people in local government by the Local Government Chronicle. In 2007 and 2009 he carried out the Capability Reviews of the Department of Health for the Cabinet Office.  Rob is a well-known commentator and writer on public service reform and modernisation on a wide range of areas such as leadership, partnership working across local and central government, and building community cohesion. An accountant by profession, he has held several local government finance advisory roles for the Local Government Association and CIPFA, and for many years served as Secretary to the Society of London Treasurers.

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IFRS Adoption and Compliance in the Asia Pacific Region: A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Disclosure Levels - Associate Professor Richard Morris (University of New South Wales)

Date: 23 September 2016

Time: 11.00 am

Venue: RWW129

We investigate whether adoption of, or convergence with, IFRS results in increased disclosure levels in the Asia Pacific region.  Adoption of IFRS does not guarantee that all companies in the adopting country will fully comply with IFRS, because compliance levels are influenced by economic and cultural factors.  Using a unique hand-collected dataset of company disclosures from eight Asia Pacific region countries in both 2002 and 2007, we examine whether the adoption of/convergence with IFRS in four of those countries i.e. Australia, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines, between 2002 and 2007 improved their disclosure levels more relative to four other Asia Pacific countries i.e. India, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, which did not adopt IFRS.  A 441 item IFRS-based checklist is used to measure disclosure. Disclosure levels not only significantly differ across countries but also on average improve over time in all eight countries.  The four countries which adopted/converged with IFRS between 2002 and 2007 improve disclosure levels more than the four countries that did not.  The result holds after controlling for country-level and firm-level variables known to influence disclosure practices.  While country-level and firm-level factors do influence disclosure levels, IFRS adoption has also made a positive difference to disclosure levels in the region.  Our paper contributes to the literature by showing that IFRS adoption improves corporate disclosure in the Asia Pacific region over and above the influence of country-level and firm-level factors and the generally upward trend in disclosure across time.

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