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Listed below are forthcoming events either hosted by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law (SACL) or the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research (CAGTR) or the Chair in Public Finance.

CAGTR and APCA Business Links Seminar

Date: 20 May 2015

Time: 7.30 am

Venue: Government Building, Lecture Theatre 1

“Would the Asian Pacific region benefit from harmonisation of copyright laws throughout the region?”

The theme is inspired by a recent call from the European Copyright Society for Union-wide harmonization of copyright that would ‘enable the EU legislature to re-establish itself as a global leader in copyright norm setting’. The seminar will include brief presentations by the panel members, followed by discussion and questions from the audience.

Lida Ayoubi, PhD candidate in Law at Victoria University
Jonathan Barrett, Senior Lecturer in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law at Victoria University.
Kate Duckworth, Partner at Catalyst Intellectual Property and a leading intellectual property specialist.
Susy Frankel, Professor of Law at Victoria University and Chair of the Copyright Tribunal.

Seminar flyer.



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