School of Accounting and Commercial Law


The Chair in Public Finance is funded by Victoria University of Wellington in conjunction with funding from five external sponsors:

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The following organisations have also provided financial support for specific projects within the work programme of the Chair:

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Sponsor of "Research on Long-Term Fiscal Modelling and Population Ageing"

Sponsor of "Treasury-VUW Long-Term Fiscal Expert Panel

Sponsor of 2014 Summer Scholarship "Why have New Zealand's renst and house prices diverged?"

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Sponsor of The Public Finance Debates series

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Sponsor of "Research on GST on Internet Sales"

 NZPC Logo  Sponsor of 2014 research culminating in working papers "The Prices of Goods and Services in New Zealand: An International Comparison" and "Explaining International Differences in the Prices of Tradables and Non-Tradables (with a New Zealand Perspective)".
 NZIER logo  Co-Sponsor of "My 2014 Budget" event

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
 Sponsor of 2014 Summer Scholarship "An inquiry into the impacts of agglomeration, development contributions, land taxation on the rate and density of new development in Auckland"



The views expressed by the Chair in Public Finance should not be attributed to Victoria University of Wellington or the Sponsors of the Chair.