Panel Session 2

Panel Session Two

The second session of the Long-Term Fiscal External Panel was held at Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington, on Wednesday 26 September.

The topic for this panel session was the Framework for Policy Analysis of Long-Term Fiscal Issues.

This session considered the sorts of criteria that could be used to evaluate fiscal reform options. This included: fiscal sustainability, economic growth and efficiency, economic resilience, intra- and inter-generational distribution and other critical considerations, including social equity and environmental sustainability. How these criteria fit within the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework was discussed, as well as how to best approach and measure equity issues.

The fiscal reform options considered in the long-term fiscal statement will have implications for the role of the welfare state in New Zealand, including in the areas of retirement income policy, working-age welfare, public health and education. To ground subsequent analysis of fiscal policy choices in the context of New Zealand’s history, this session also discussed the evolution of welfare policy in New Zealand.

A. Session 2 Agenda

B. Session 2 Summary

C. Draft Panel Papers/Presentations:

1. Girol Karacaoglu, "Improving Living Standards, Presenting Key Trade Offs".

2. Diana Cook, "Government and Economic Growth: Does Size Matter?"

3. Diana Cook, Slides for "Government and Economic Growth: Does Size Matter?"

4. Paul Carpinter, "History of the Welfare State in New Zealand"

5. Rebecca Prebble, "The Long-Term Fiscal Living Standards Framework: Addressing Fairness."

6. Rebecca Prebble, Slides for "The Long-Term Fiscal Living Standards Framework: Addressing Fairness".

7. Andrew Coleman, "Intergenerational Transfers and Public Policy".

8. Andrew Coleman, "Intergeneratoinal Economics: Basic Issues".


Amy Cruickshank
Above: Amy Cruickshank (Treasury)


 Birds eye view of entire group
Above: The Panel and discussants


Above: Professor Norman Gemmell (Victoria University), Sir Michael Cullen,Martin Wilkinson (University of Auckland), Chris Cunningham (Massey University)

Alison O'Conneel & Malcolm Menzies
Above: Alison O'Connell (Victoria University), Malcolm Menzies (Retirement Commission)


Nicola Kirkup and Bruce Anderson
Above: Nicola Kirkup (Treasury) and
Bruce Anderson (Office of the Controller and Auditor-General)

Above (L to R): Andrew Coleman (Treasury), Becky Prebble (Treasury), Geoff Bascand (Statistics NZ), Michael Belgrave (Massey University), Diana Crossan (Retirement Commission), Colin James (Synapsis), Hidden - Susan St John (University of Auckland), Neil Cribben (Treasury)


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