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Pre-election Public Lectures

 In the run up to the 2014 General Election on 20 September, the Chair in Public Finance hosted two Pre-election Public Lectures on the state of the Government's finances after the election, by the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Bill English and Labour's Finance Spokesperson, Hon David Parker.



The Chair in Public Finance (CPF) is a joint venture between Victoria University and four sponsoring institutions with an interest in public finance - PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Inland Revenue Department, The Treasury and the Ministry of Social Development. The Chair has been established to develop research in the area of public finance broadly defined, including social welfare issues, and to encourage debate and engagement with the public and private sectors on these issues, especially as they relate to policy.

Norman Gemmell was appointed in November 2011 as the first Chair in Public Finance. For further information on Norman Gemmell, visit his profile. A list of his recent publications can be found here.

In these pages you will find more information about the research work of the CPF; other staff and research students at Victory University working on public finance issues, our publications, research, past and up-coming CPF events, sponsorship, etc. The CPF also aims to encourage multi-disciplinary research in public finance (and tax in particular) involving contributions from accountants, economists, lawyers, business and policy specialists in the Tax and Public Finance Research Group.


These pages describe the activities and personal views of the Chair in Public Finance.  They should not be attributed to Victoria University of Wellington or the Sponsors of the Chair.

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