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23 November 2015
The Chair in Public Finance and EY present:

The New Zealand Dividend Psyche

Dividend policies and imputation

Tax has a major impact on corporate dividend policy. In-depth interviews with 25 New Zealand corporates and 12 investor groups underpin EY’s report Imputation and the New Zealand Dividend Psyche. Join us for this session covering the report’s major findings on corporate behaviours.

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Past Events



2015 Public Finance debate series

 From April to June, the Government Economics Network and Chair in Public Finance hosted a series of debates on topical public finance issues:

Debate 1: Today’s policy settings unfairly favour the baby boomer generation
Debate 2: Economic evidence should play a greater role in health policy evaluation
Debate 3: The ‘investment approach’ provides a helpful new tool for public spending policy and evaluation



The 2014 Public Finance Great Festive Debate (11 December) 
Pre-Election Public Lectures (1 and 2 Sept 2014)
Tax Administration in the 21st Century Conference 2014  (12-13 June)
Pre-Budget Event: "My 2014 Budget" (12 May)

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Public Finance Debates (Oct-Dec)
Long Term Fiscal External Panel (11 Apr)
Summer Scholar Seminar (20 Mar)
Prof Alan Auerbach Public Lecture (12 Mar)
Long Term Fiscal External Panel (11 Mar)

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Public Finance Debates (Aug - Nov)
Long Term Fiscal External Panel (Aug - Nov)
Affording Our Future Conference (Dec 10-11)

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