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The 2014 Public Finance Great Festive Debate
This House Believes the Christmas Extravaganza is a Waste of Time and Money

The Chair in Public finance and Government Economics Network hosted a topical festive debate on the deadwight loss of Christmas. Eric Crampton (Head of Research, New Zealand Initiative) and Patrick Nolan (Principal Advisor, New Zealand Producitivity Comission) argued for the motion that the Christmas Extravaganza was a waste of time and money. However, they were ultimately defeated, through audience vote, by Bronwyn Croxson (Chief Economist, Ministry of Health) and Anne-Marie Brook(Prinicpal Advisor, Treasury), who argued against this assertion.

Deabte slides are available to view now.


 Pre-Election Public Lectures (1 and 2 Sept 2014)

In the run up to the 2014 General Election on 20 September, the Chair in Public Finance is please to host two Pre-election Public Lectures on the state of the Government's finances after the election, by the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Hon Bill English and Labour's Finance Spokesperson Hon David Parker.

Tax Administration in the 21st Century Conference 2014 (12 and 13 June)

June 2014: Hosted by Inland Revenue, The Treasury and the Chair in Public Finance,this two day conference explored issues around making tax easier, reducing the costs of administration and compliance, all while maintaining key objectives such as efficiency and fairness.

See the conference website for further information, working papers and footage.


Pre-Budget Event: "My 2014 Budget" (12 May)

 The Chair in Public Finance at Victoria University and New Zealand Institute of Economic Research hosted a half day seminar, which provided:

  • A guide from Treasury officials on how to understand and interpret the voluminous Budget documents produced for Budget day
  • Insights into how the Budget process works – from initial ideas to Budget Day delivery
  • Presentations from three leading New Zealand Budget stakeholders on how they would structure their 2014 Budget to deliver a better future for New Zealand.

Presenters included:

  •  Phil O’Reilly, chief executive, BusinessNZ
  •  Brian Fallow, economics editor at The New Zealand Herald
  •  Stuart Nash, former Labour MP and spokesperson for Revenue; Labour candidate for Napier in the up-coming election

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Public Finance Debates (Oct-Dec)

Following a successful and enjoyable series of Public Finance Debates in 2012, the Chair in Public Finance at Victoria University and the Government Economics Network (GEN) were pleased to host the 2013 Public Finance Debates series.

Long Term Fiscal External Panel (11 Apr)

The main purpose of this session was to have the Panel review the second draft of Affording Our Future – the central document of the Treasury’s Long-Term Fiscal Statement.

Summer Scholar Seminar (20 Mar)

"The Rise in Foreign Retailing and New Zealand's GST Exemption: Time for a Change", presented by Victoria student William Steel. This presentation reported on results from a recent project evaluating the economic and revenue costs of this distortion.

Prof Alan Auerbach Public Lecture (12 Mar)

"International Tax Reviews and the New Zealand Tax Working Group: What have we learned?". This lecture examined the implications for tax policy in New Zealand in the light of the UK Mirrlees Review, the Australian Henry Review and New Zealand's Tax Working Group.

Long Term Fiscal External Panel (11 Mar)

The main purpose of this session was to have the Panel review the first draft of Affording Our Future – the central document of the Treasury’s Long-Term Fiscal Statement.

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Public Finance Debates (Aug - Nov)

The Chair in Public Finance and the Government Economic Network organised four Public Finance Debates on key topics of relevance to current government fiscal policy choices. The debates will focused on key arguments and evidence for and against a particular view or option. A Proponent and an Opponent presented their cases, with a Commentator summarising key points of discussion.

Long Term Fiscal External Panel (Aug - Nov)

The Public Finance Act 1989 requires the Treasury to produce a statement on the Crown’s long-term fiscal position at least every four years. The Treasury has established an external panel of independent experts and commentators with whom it will test its assumptions and analysis. 

The panel convened monthly (and will continue to do so in March and April 2013) and presented their findings and conclusions at the Affording Our Future Conference in December.

Affording Our Future Conference (Dec 10-11)

The Chair in Public Finance, on behalf of Victoria University of Wellington and in conjunction with The Treasury, organised a two-day conference on the topic of Long-Term Fiscal Challenges on 10 & 11 December 2012.

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