About us

Welcome from the Deputy Head of the School of Accounting and Commercial Law.

Our mission is to pursue and share knowledge of accounting and commercial law within a dynamic and inclusive learning environment while actively engaging our stakeholders and the wider community.

Welcome to the School of Accounting and Commercial Law. On this site you will find details of our degrees and course offerings, the accounting professional requirements and staff profiles. If you are thinking of studying to become an accountant there is a description of what this entails. Don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiries you may have.

The School of Accounting & Commercial Law is part of the Victoria Business School at Victoria University of Wellington. The School is one of the foremost centres in Australasia for research in Accounting and Commercial Law. Its staff are accountants and lawyers, and as such it is a "professional" school, a primary function of which is teaching the subjects prescribed by NZICA to students seeking qualifications to practice as accountants. However staff also teach accounting and law to students from other subjects and at all levels.

Christopher Cripps, Deputy Head of School