Animal ethics committee

Victoria is committed to supporting the ethical conduct of our research staff and students who work with animals for scientific research purposes.

The University’s Animal Ethics Committee has been appointed by the Vice-Chancellor to protect the welfare of animals used in research and teaching to ensure their use us justified and scientifically worthwhile.

The Committee considers all applications for the use of live animals for teaching and research prior to any research or teaching activities being untaken.

All research at the University is conducted in line with the Animal Ethics Policy.

Commitment to the three Rs

Victoria is committed to the principles of the three Rs and requires all researchers to consider:

  • How the numbers of animals can be reduced to the minimum necessary.
  • How manipulations can be redefined to minimise impact and enhance animal welfare.
  • The use of replacement techniques to animal use wherever possible.

Committee membership

The Committee is composed of 9 members from these categories:

  1. A senior member of the academic staff as convener, subject to the endorsement of the AEC.
  2. A veterinarian nominated by the NZ Veterinary Association, not a member of the University staff nor otherwise associated with the University.
  3. A nominee of the Royal NZ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or another approved organisation concerned with the welfare of animals who is not a member of the University staff nor otherwise associated with the University.
  4. The Victoria University Senior Risk and Compliance Advisor.
  5. A representative member of a student's organisation at Victoria University.
  6. A member of the academic staff capable of evaluating proposals involving animal manipulation to act as executive officer.
  7. One suitable lay member nominated by a territorial authority or regional council and not affiliated with the University of scientific community or with an animal welfare agency to represent the public interest.
  8. Director of the Animal Facility of the University.
  9. Head animal technician of the University.

General enquiries

Contact the Committee for all enquiries related to animal research ethics and welfare, email

Information Animal Ethics Approval process, guidelines and the Committee can be found on the staff intranet.