Applying for animal ethics approval

The University Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) chief functions are to consider all applications for the use of live animals for teaching and research.

Applying for approval

Applications to the Animal Ethics Committee should be made online through ResearchMaster.

Log into ResearchMaster using your usual University username and password. Refer to Completing the online Animal Ethics Form—Guide for Researchers if you require assistance to complete your application online.

If you do not have access to ResearchMaster, download the Access to online ethics application form, complete the details and send to

The VUW Animal Ethics Committee meets four times annually in March, June, September and December.

Contact the Secretary or Executive for any queries on:

Composition of the Animal Ethics Committee

The AEC of Victoria University of Wellington is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and comprises:

  1. A senior member of the academic staff as convener, subject to the endorsement of the AEC.
  2. A member of the academic staff capable of evaluating proposals involving animal manipulation to act as executive officer.
  3. One suitable lay member nominated by a territorial authority or regional council and not affiliated with the University of scientific community or with an animal welfare agency to represent the public interest.
  4. Director of the Animal Facility of the University.
  5. Head animal technician of the University.
  6. A veterinarian nominated by the NZ Veterinary Association, not a member of the University staff nor otherwise associated with the University.
  7. A nominee of the Royal NZ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or another approved organisation concerned with the welfare of animals who is not a member of the University staff nor otherwise associated with the University.
  8. The Victoria University Senior Risk and Compliance Advisor.
  9. A representative member of a student's organisation at Victoria University.

The committee shall have power to co-opt, subject to the approval of the Vice-chancellor. In exceptional circumstances, an internal member of the committee may serve in more than one of the above capacities.

Decisions on protocols can only be made if a quorum is present at a meeting. A quorum consists of 6 members of the Committee, of which at least two must be external members. In exceptional circumstances, the veterinarian responsible for approving Institutional Drug Administration Orders (IDAOs) for the University can substitute for the AEC veterinarian.

The terms of appointment for members of the committee are 5 years with provision for reappointment. Reappointment would require confirmation of the appointment by the original nominating body or the Vice-Chancellor in the case of University members.

To apply for Animal Ethics approval, refer to the Animal Ethics Policy.

Also refer to the following documents for further information on animal ethics:

Animal ethics contact 

For assistance, email