Research committees

Victoria's research community is supported by committees at school, faculty and University level. They are led by the University Research Committee.

The University has the following research committees:

  • University Research Committee
  • Alignment, Outcomes and Evaluation Subcommittee
  • Allocations and Investment Subcommittee
  • Awards, Fellowships and Medals Subcommittee
  • Intellectual Property Policy and Subcommittee
  • Scholarships Subcommittee (postgraduate and undergraduate)
  • Faculty-level committees
  • School-level committees
  • Research Establishment Grant Committee.

You can download the University Research Committee Terms of Reference for information on these committees.

University Research Committee

The University Research Committee (URC) is the overall research management body that advises the Vice-Chancellor on research strategies, develops policy and reviews progress. This Committee brings together the assistant deans (research) from each faculty, with additional expertise from key research areas. Subcommittees focus on internal grants, scholarships and intellectual property.

To find out more

For more information about the URC, contact the committee administrator.

Scholarships Subcommittee

The Scholarships Committees have responsibility for awarding all scholarships, including undergraduate, postgraduate, international and schools’ scholarships, and for awards and prizes. They set policy guidelines for new awards and ensure that regulations are followed in the selection process. The Committees decide the particular arrangements that will apply to the awarding of each category of scholarship, award or prize. Below are the members of the Research Scholarships Subcommittee:

Intellectual Property Subcommittee

The Intellectual Property Subcommittee oversees and moderates the University’s Intellectual Property Policy.

For more information about the Intellectual Property Subcommittee, contact the committee administrator, Catherine Galuszka.

Alignment, Outcomes and Evaluation Subcommittee

Below are the members of the Alignment, Outcomes and Evaluation Subcommittee:

For more information about this Subcommittee please contact Katy Miller.

Awards, Fellowships and Medals Subcommittee

For more information about Awards, Fellowship and Medals Subcommittee please contact Philip Roderick.

Allocations and Investment Subcommittee

The Allocations and Investment Subcommittee oversees the strategic investment of the URF. It allocates grants for projects of between $5,000 and $50,000. There is one round per year, usually closing in late May.

To find out more

For more information about the Allocations and Investment Subcommittee, contact the committee administrator, or find out about the University Research Fund (URF).

Faculty-level committees

Each faculty has a Research Committee. These Committees advise the Associate Deans (Research), allocate faculty research grants and manage conference, research and study leave. To find out more about Faculty Research Committees, contact the Associate Dean (Research) in your faculty.

School-level committees

School Research Committees advise heads of school on research matters forwarded to them at faculty level. They also vet research degree applications, and help staff with development of their Evidence Portfolios for the PBRF quality evaluation.

Research Establishment Grant (REG) Committee

Find out more about the Research Establishment Grant (REG) and its Criteria and Guidelines or contact Philip Roderwick.