Commercialisations and intellectual property

How commercialisation works at Victoria, and details about our intellectual property policy for commercialised research work.

Commercialising research

As Victoria University’s commercialisation office, Viclink’s main purpose is to facilitate the transfer of University-generated research into the wider world via commercial channels where it can have social, environmental and economic benefit—not just for the University, but for New Zealand as a whole. Accordingly, Viclink works closely with Victoria’s staff and students to help them assess, protect and develop the intellectual property they produce, for the benefit of all parties.

For further information about services and examples of our work, visit the Viclink website.


Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) generated by staff during the course of employment at Victoria University of Wellington (excluding copyright) is owned by the University, and is therefore subject to the University’s Intellectual Property Policy.

Under this Policy, benefits derived from the commercialisation of any IP owned by the University are equitably shared between the creator(s) and the University. In general, the net financial return received by the University from commercialisation is shared on the basis of:

  • one-third to the creator or creators of the IP
  • one-third to the University’s School(s)/Centre(s)/Institute(s) from which the IP originated
  • one-third to the central University.

For further details, refer to Clause 4.2 of Intellectual Property Policy.


Notification of intellectual property

All research results in the development of new IP. Some forms of IP don’t need to be notified to the University (eg. Copyright) but if you develop IP with commercial potential the University requires that you notify them of this before disclosing the IP externally.

Victoria University staff or students who have generated new IP or have an idea or invention that they think may have commercial potential should contact Viclink in the first instance for assistance and to notify us of the new IP.

Visit the Viclink website for more information and phone +64-4-463 5135 or email for assistance.


Intellectual property contacts


For information regarding intellectual property for students, see the Faculty of Graduate Research website.


For more information on the University Intellectual Property Policy for staff, contact Ian McIntosh.