Law, policy and government

Victoria is New Zealand’s leading research centre for policy, governance and law, working with government and business groups on national and global issues.

As New Zealand’s capital city university, Victoria is New Zealand’s leading centre for research in policy, governance and law. Our researchers—in fields as diverse as law, psychology, public policy, criminology and economics—work with each other and with government, NGOs and business groups on legal and governance issues facing New Zealand and the world.

Our law researchers are currently involved in major projects to reform and improve the New Zealand regulatory system, produce a dictionary of legal Māori terms for Western legal concepts and recover lost legal cases from New Zealand’s 19th century legal history.

Other researchers work on issues such as climate change, regulatory reform, family conflict, health policy, multiculturalism and social connectedness, government efficiency and productivity, crime and justice, and industrial relations. Our researchers are regularly called on by policy-makers and others for research and consultancy services, training, programme development and policy and legal advice.