Engineering and mathematical sciences

Our engineering, computer science and mathematics researchers are leaders in their fields, applying their knowledge to problems in a wide range of areas.

Victoria’s engineering, computer science researchers and mathematicians are international leaders in their fields, working with excellent laboratories and equipment in Victoria’s newest faculty. Our researchers have a depth of knowledge that is applied to a wide range of modern engineering problems in areas such as artificial intelligence, communications and signal processing, software engineering, computation, mechatronics and network engineering.

Wellington has a vibrant science and technology sector and our researchers collaborate with many of the city’s industry and research organisations including Industrial Research Limited, New Zealand Registry Services and Magritek. Our close links with industry provide vital funding and support for our research projects and help ensure that the results of our research can move rapidly into the commercial world where they can make a positive impact.

Our mathematics researchers are world leaders in matroid theory, computability and logic and general relativity. They also work on many pure and applied projects in areas of engineering, computing and science.