Business and commerce

With close ties to New Zealand and international businesses, our researchers are engaged in looking at a wide range of issues affecting this community.

Our researchers work closely with New Zealand and international businesses to contribute to better business practice. Our researchers, who have expertise in fields such as management, accounting, economics, marketing and information management, are based in Wellington’s central business district. As the seat of government, Wellington is the financial and administrative capital of New Zealand and our researchers have strong links with business, government and financial institutions in the city and throughout the country.

Researchers from across the University contribute different perspectives to business issues and problems, with recent studies looking at issues in labour economics, health economics, Asian business, productivity and Māori business. Our researchers’ expertise in all areas of business—from global macroeconomics to small business management—contributes new knowledge and ideas to the discipline, as well as practical research devoted to understanding how New Zealand enterprises can develop world class competitive advantage.


Unlocking Asian Business Secrets

Victoria researchers are helping New Zealand service companies to build a sustainable competitive advantage in China and India.

Making good fiscal policy

In the field of public finance policy, NZIER Economist of the Year Professor Norman Gemmell is doing what government officials and independent economists can’t.

Courts more lenient on white collar criminals

New Zealanders take welfare fraud more seriously than tax evasion despite the latter depriving the country of much greater sums of money according to research. Dr Lisa Marriott, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, is investigating the differences in prosecution outcomes for the two offences, both of which, she says, involve money, are premeditated and have the same victims—the Government and society.

Keeping pace with tourism

Destination management has become a hot topic in the tourism industry internationally but Victoria Tourism Management Professor Doug Pearce hopes to shed more light on what the term really means.

Exploring the benefits of selling SOE shares

Allowing New Zealanders to buy shares in all state-owned enterprises (SOEs) would deliver significant benefits to the country according to Professor Lew Evans, Chair of Economics at Victoria.

Expanding China-New Zealand trade and investment

Researchers are examining the bilateral impact of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement.

Until quite recently, Fonterra, the New Zealand dairy cooperative responsible for nearly one-quarter of New Zealand’s export earnings, met the growing Chinese demand for New Zealand dairy products—including cheese, butter and milk powder—by exporting to China.

Business and Commerce research at a glance

Researchers from Victoria Business School talk about their work.