Arts, humanities and social sciences

Leading research in the areas of creative arts, history, philosophy, psychology, political science, art history, classics, religious studies, film and theatre.

Victoria’s creative and scholarly research across the humanities is recognised internationally for its quality and originality. Our researchers work across a broad range of disciplines from history, philosophy and political science to art history, classics and religious studies to English, film, theatre and media studies. Many interdisciplinary research projects draw on expertise across humanities. Our linguistics researchers work on projects in sociolinguistics, lexicography, second language acquisition, discourse studies and sign language. Our Māori studies researchers specialise in local and international indigenous issues. Other researchers focus on projects around Pacific, Asian and European languages and cultures.

Victoria University is situated in a vibrant, creative city rich in theatre, art and heritage, an ideal setting for our creative staff who contribute performances, films and literature to Wellington’s creative mix. Our staff include internationally acclaimed poets, fiction writers, musicians, composers and filmmakers who work with the excellent facilities here and overseas.