Research expertise

Victoria’s researchers produce top-ranked research with global impact. Discover how we’re growing the world’s knowledge.

Architecture and design

Creativity, innovation and exploration are the strengths of our researchers, who specialise in providing a practical focus.

Arts, humanities and social sciences

Our creative and scholarly research is recognised internationally for its quality and originality.

Business and commerce

Our researchers work closely with New Zealand and international businesses to contribute to better practice across the business, finance, public and community sectors and to develop capability and provide our stakeholders with a global perspective.

Climate change

Our experts are piecing together the puzzle of climate change and investigating its environmental, social and economic impact and what we can do about it.

Earth and physical sciences

Our earth scientists conduct field work throughout New Zealand and on every continent, while our other researchers are busy in our laboratory and computing facilities.

Ecology and biodiversity

Our researchers work on projects in marine biology, conservation biology, reproductive biology, evolutionary genetics and more.


Our researchers aim to make a difference to people’s chances in life through investigating experiences in educational settings and how they can be improved.

Engineering and mathematical sciences

At the international forefront of their fields, our researchers are applying their knowledge to advances in computer science, 'big data' and modern engineering problems, including artificial intelligence and mechatronics.

Health and biomedical sciences

Our researchers collabotate with scientists and organisations around the world as they strive to prevent, diagnose and cure human diseases.

Law, policy and government

As New Zealand's global-civic capital city university, Victoria is the country's leading research centre for policy, governance and law, working with government and business groups on national and international issues.