Research expertise

Victoria’s researchers produce top-ranked research with global impact. Discover how we’re growing the world’s knowledge.

Architecture and design

Creativity, innovation and exploration are the strengths of our design and architecture researchers who specialise in providing a practical focus to research.

Arts, humanities and social sciences

Leading research in the areas of creative arts, history, philosophy, political science, art history, classics, religious studies, film and theatre.

Business and commerce

With close ties to New Zealand and international businesses, our researchers are engaged in looking at a wide range of issues affecting this community.

Climate change

A number of Victoria University of Wellington experts are researching the impact of climate change on our environment, society and economy.

Earth and physical sciences

Our scientists work on a broad range of challenging questions, conducting field work throughout New Zealand and on every continent of the world.

Ecology and biodiversity

Victoria researchers work on a range of projects in marine biology, conservation biology, reproductive biology, evolutionary genetics and more.


Our education researchers work on projects related to educational policy and practice, educational psychology and Māori education.

Engineering and mathematical sciences

Our engineering, computer science and mathematics researchers are leaders in their fields, applying their knowledge to problems in a wide range of areas.

Health and biomedical sciences

Our researchers lead projects ranging from discovering novel natural drugs to test against cancer and diseases, through to understanding decline in fertility.

Law, policy and government

Victoria is New Zealand’s leading research centre for policy, governance and law, working with government and business groups on national and global issues.