Working with us

At Victoria we have many experts who can help you develop new ideas and products for your business.

Our researchers work successfully with government agencies, district health boards, Crown Research Institutes and small and large businesses to provide advice, support and solutions.

Our business relationship is tailored to your needs—whatever works best for your business. We offer a range of research partnerships, consultancy services and student placements.

We have specialist staff and top research students, as well as access to a range of other services and resources such as:

  • specialist laboratory equipment
  • research data
  • staff training workshops
  • print and electronic library resources
  • access to international research journals
  • access to KAREN, the high-performance data network that links New Zealand research and education institutions
  • links to international experts and their research, and to local and national research communities
  • support in areas such as contract, research and IP management.

If you have a project that requires the skills and knowledge of our staff, or if you want to receive information about upcoming events and opportunities, contact us.

Business research enquiries and opportunities