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This information is for the 2017 academic year. See information for PSYC 435 in 2016.

PSYC-435 – Traumatic Memories and Repression

Points:15Prerequisites:PSYC 322

In this course, we study the misconceptions people have about trauma and stress - specifically the way traumatic or stressful experiences are remembered. We will learn about how we perceive and remember traumatic events; the problems with many diagnoses such as PTSD; the theory and history of repressed memories; satanic cults; abuse charges against clergy; dangerous psychotherapeutic practices, and the impact of repressed and recovered memories on the legal system and the field of psychotherapy and clinical practice. Appropriate background for this course is PSYC 322 (compulsory) and PSYC 335.

Tuition Fees

2016: domestic $1,042.65     international $4,110.60

Trimester 1 2016

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
11279^ 29 Feb – 20 Mar 2016Thu1100 - 1250Easterfield [Kelburn]407Maryanne Garry*
Deirdre Brown 
28 Mar – 24 Apr 2016Thu1100 - 1250Easterfield [Kelburn]407
2 May – 5 Jun 2016Thu1100 - 1250Easterfield [Kelburn]407
  ^ indicates limited entry courses.

All 400 level courses will be taught in EA 407, Easterfield Building located on the Kelburn Campus. A timetable will be available from the School of Psychology website.