Todd Jones

Senior Lecturer School of Psychology


Teaching in 2017

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BA (Hons), MA (S.Methodist), PhD (Rice)

Research interests

Cognitive psychology

The research that my students and I do covers memory and attention.  In our memory research, I investigate how automatic and controlled aspects of memory contribute to overall performance. More specifically, I focus on how an automatic process (or processes) helps one to make correct memory judgements but sometimes leads to memory errors.  A controlled process can also help one make correct judgments but can sometimes be used to avoid errors.  In the attention research, which began recently, we are studying the effects of multi-tasking and switching from one task to another.  Typically, there are clear costs of multi-tasking and switching between tasks, either in response time or response accuracy (or both), and the work I do with my students aims to better understand the basis for such costs. 


Selected publications