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Fischer, R; Boer, D. (2016). Values: the dynamic nexus between biology, ecology and culture. Current Optinion in Psychology, 8, 155-160.

Fischer, R; Derham, C. (2016). Is in-group bias culture-dependent? A meta-analysis across 18 societies. SpringerPlus, 5:70.

Fischer, R; Boer, D. (2015). Motivational basis of personality traits: A meta-analysis of value-personality correlations. Journal of Personality, 83(5), 491-510.

Gouveia, V.V; Vione, K.C; Milfont, T; Fischer, R. (2015). Patterns of value change during the life span: Some evidence from from a functional approach to values. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 41(9) 1276–1290, DOI: 10.1177/0146167215594189

Torres, C.V; Porto, J.B; Vargas, L.M; Fischer, R. (2015). A Meta-analysis of basic human values in Brazil: Observed differences within the country. Revista Psicologia Organizações e Trabalho, 15(1), 89-102.

2013 - 2014 Publications

Fischer, R; Xygalatas, D. (2014). Extreme rituals as social technologies. Journal of Cognition and Culture, (14(5), 345-355.

Fishcer, R; Ferreira, M.C; Milfont, T; Pilati, R. (2014). Culture of corruption? The effects of priming corruption images in a high corruption context. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 45(10), DOI:10.1177/0022022114548874

Fischer, R; Xygalatas, D; Mitkidis, P; Reddish, P; Tok, P; Konvalinka, I; Bulbulia, J. (2014). The Fire-walker's high: Affect and physiological responses in an extreme collective ritual. Public Library of Science One, 9(2), e88355.

Smith, P.B., Fischer, R., Vignoles, V. & Bond, M.H. (2013). Understanding Social Psychology across Cultures. Engaging with others in a changing world. London: SAGE.

Boer, D. & Fischer, R. (2013). How and when do personal values guide our attitudes and sociality? Explaining cross-cultural variability in attitude-value linkages. Psychological Bulletin.

Fischer, R., Callander, R., Reddish, P. & Bulbulia, J. (2013). How do rituals affect cooperation? An experimental field study comparing nine ritual types. Human Nature.

Xygalatas, D., Mitkidis, P., Fischer, R., Reddish, P., Skewes, J., Geertz, A.W., Roepstorff, A.  & Bulbulia, J. (2013). Extreme rituals promote prosociality. Psychological Science.

Fischer, R. (2013). Gene-Environment interactions influence the endorsement of social hierarchy values and beliefs across cultures. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. published online 28 January 2013. DOI: 10.1177/0022022112471896

Fischer, R. (2013). Belonging, status or self-protection? Examining justice motives in a three-level cultural meta-analysis of organizational justice effects. Cross-Cultural Research, 47, 3-41.

Fischer, R. (2013). What values can (and cannot) tell us about individuals, society and culture. Advances in Culture and Psychology.

Boer, D., Fischer, R., Atilano, M.L.G., Hernandez, J. G., Moreno, L., Mendoza, S., Gouveia, V.V., Lam, J. & Lo, E. (in press). Music, identity and musical ethnocentrism of young people in six Asian, Latin American and Western cultures. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Fischer, R., Ferreira, M. C., Assmar, E., Baris, G., Berboroglu, G., Dalyan, F., Wong, C.C., Hassan, A., Hanke, K., Boer, D. (in press). Organizational practices across cultures: An exploration in six cultural contexts. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management.

Fischer, R. (2013). Improving climato-economic theorizing at the individual level: Individual wealth interacts with climate in predicting happiness, but not postmaterialism values. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Fischer, R. (2013). The situational challenge: Putting biology, resources and multi-level constraints back into the picture. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 16, 30-33. DOI: 10.1111/ajsp.12017

Reddish, P., Bulbulia, J. & Fischer, R. (2013). Does Synchrony Promote Generalized Prosociality? Religion, Brain and Behavior Science. Doi:10.1080/2153599X.2013.764545

Harb, C. & Fischer, R. (2013). Terrorism and jihad in Indonesia: Questions and possible ways forward. Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

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2011 - 2012 Publications

Fischer, R. (2012). Value isomorphism in the European Social Survey: Exploration of meaning shifts in values across levels. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 43, 883-898. doi: 10.1177/0022022111413276

Schwartz, S. H., Cieciuch, J., Vecchione, M., Davidov, E., Fischer, R., Beierlein, C., Ramos, A., Verkasalo, M., Lonnqvist, J. E., Demirutku, K., Dirilen-Gumus, O., & Konty, M. (2012). Refining the theory of basic individual values. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 103, 663-688.

Ferreira, M. C., Fischer, R., Porto, J., Pilati, R. & Milfont, T. (2012). Unravelling the mystery of Brazilian jeitinho: A cultural exploration of social norms. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 331-344.

Fischer, R., & Poortinga, Y. (2012). Are cultural values the same as the values of individuals? An examination of similarities in personal, social and cultural value structures. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 12, 157-170. doi: 10.1177/1470595812439867

Fischer, R., Hanke, K. & Sibley, C. (2012). Cultural and institutional determinants of Social Dominance Orientation: A cross-cultural meta-analysis of 27 societies. Political Psychology, 34, 437-467. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9221.2012.00884.x

O’Connor, S. & Fischer, R. (2012). Predicting corruption across time: Values, wealth or institutions? Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 43, 644-659. Doi: 10.1177/0022022111402344

Boer, D., Fischer, R., Tekman, H. G., Abubakar Ali, A., Njenga, J., & Zenger, M. (2012). Young people’s topography of musical functions: Personal, social and cultural experiences with music across genders and six societies. International Journal of Psychology, 47, 355-369. DOI:10.1080/00207594.2012.656128

Boer, D., & Fischer, R. (2012). Towards a holistic picture of functions of music: A culturally decentred qualitative approach. Psychology of Music, 40(2), 179–200. doi:10.1177/0305735610381885

Abubakar, A. & Fischer, R. (2012). The Factor Structure of the 12-item General Health Questionnaire in a Literate Kenyan Population. Stress and Health, 28(3), 248-254. doi: 10.1002/smi.1420.

Fischer, R. (2012). Intersubjective culture:  Indeed intersubjective or yet another form of subjective assessment? Swiss Journal of Psychology (Special Issue:  Personality and Culture), 71, 13-20. Doi:10.1024/1421-0185/a000067

Hanke, K. & Fischer, R. (2012). Socio-economical and socio-political correlates of interpersonal forgiveness - A three-level meta-analysis of the Enright Forgiveness Inventory (EFI) across 13 societies. International Journal of Psychology, DOI:10.1080/00207594.2011.651086.

Parsons, J., Tabor, A., & Fischer, R. (2012). Shelter from the Global Economic Crisis: New Zealand and overseas-born employees concerns and migration intentions. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 6, 48-56. Doi:

Fischer, R. & Boer, D. (2011). What is more important for national well-being: Money or autonomy? A meta-analysis of well-being, burnout and anxiety across 63 societies. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 164-184. doi: 10.1037/a0023663

Fischer, R. & van de Vliert, E. (2011). Does climate undermine subjective well-being? A 58-nation study. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37, 1031 - 1041. doi: 10.1177/0146167211407075

Fischer, R. & Schwartz, S. H. (2011). Whence Differences in Value Priorities? Individual, Cultural, or Artifactual Sources. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 1127-1144. doi:10.1177/0022022110381429

Fischer, R., Milfont, T. & Gouveia, V. V. (2011). Does social context affect value structures? Testing the intra-cultural stability of value structures with a functional theory of values. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42,  253– 270.

Boer, D., Fischer, R., Strack, M., Bond, M.H., Lo, E. & Lam, J. (2011). How shared preferences in music create bonds between people: Values as the missing link. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,  37(9):1159-1171. DOI: 10.1177/0146167211407521

Leong, C. & Fischer, R. (2011). Is transformational leadership universal? A meta-analytical investigation of Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire means across cultures. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 18, 164-174. doi: 10.1177/1548051810385003

Vauclair, C.M. & Fischer, R. (2011). Do cultural values predict individuals’ moral attitudes? A cross-cultural multi-level approach. European Journal of Social Psychology, 41, 645-657.

Vauclair, C.-M., Hanke, K., Fischer, R., & Fontaine, J. R. J. (2011). The structure of human values at the culture level: A meta-analytical replication of Schwartz’s value orientations using the Rokeach value survey. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 186-205.

Ward, C., Wilson, J. & Fischer, R. (2011). Assessing the Predictive Validity of CQ over Time. Personality and Individual Differences, 51, 138–142. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2011.03.032

Gelfand, M.J.,  Raver, R.L., Nishii, L., Leslie, L.M.,  Lun, J.,  Lim, B.C., Duan, L., Almaliach,A.,  Ang, A.,  Arnadottir, J.,  Aycan,Z., Boehnke, K., Boski, P., Cabecinhas, R.,  Chan, D., Chhokar, J., D’Amato, A., Ferrer, M., Fischlmayr, I. C., Fischer, R., Fülöp, M., et al. (2011). Differences between Tight and Loose Cultures: A 33-Nation Study. Science, 332, 1100-1104.

Pilati, R., Milfont, T., Ferreira, M. C., Porto, J. B., & Fischer, R. (2011). Brazilian jeitinho: Understanding and explaining an indigenous psychological construct. Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 45(1), 29-38. 

Veurink, S.A. & Fischer, R. (2011). A Refocus on Foci: A multidimensional and multi-foci examination of commitment in work contexts. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 40, 160-168.

Fischer, R., Ferreira, M.C., Jiang, D.Y., Chen, B.S., Achoui, M., Wong, C.C., Baris, G., Mendoza, S., van Meurs, N., Achmadi, D., Hassan, A., Berberoglu, G., Harb, C., Darwish, D.D. & Assmar, E.M.L. (2011). Are Perceptions of Organizational Justice Universal? An Exploration Of Measurement Invariance Across Thirteen Cultures. Social Justice Research, 24, 297-313. Doi: 10.1007/s11211-011-0142-7

Fischer, R. (2011). Cross-cultural training effects on cultural essentialism beliefs and cultural intelligence. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 35, 767-775. doi:10.1016/j.ijintrel.2011.08.005.

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2009 - 2010 Publications

Fischer, R., Vauclair, C. M., Fontaine, J. R., & Schwartz, S. H. (2010). Are individual- and culture-level value structures different? Testing Hofstede’s legacy with the Schwartz Value Survey. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 41, 135-151.

Lun, V.M.C., Fischer, R., & Ward, C. (2010). Exploring cultural differences in critical thinking: Is it about my thinking style or the language I speak? Learning and Individual Differences, 20, 604-616. Doi:10.1016/j.lindif.2010.07.001

Milfont, R. & Fischer, R. (2010). Testing measurement invariance across groups: Applications in cross-cultural research. International Journal of Psychological Research, 3, 112-131.

Fischer, R. (2009). Where is culture in cross-cultural research? An outline of a multi-level research process for measuring culture as a shared meaning system. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 9, 25-49.

Fischer, R. & Hanke, K. (2009). Are societal values linked to global peace and conflict? Peace & Conflict, 15, 227 — 248.

Fischer, R. & Mansell, A. (2009). Commitment across cultures: A meta-analytical approach. Journal of International Business Studies, 40, 1339-1358. (IF: 3.776; this article has been selected by Palgrave MacMillan and the editors for inclusion in a special online section on research methods [10 articles], available Dec 2010-June2011).

Fischer, R., Ferreira, M.C., Assmar, E., Redford, P., Harb, C., Glazer, S., Cheng, B. S., Jiang, D.Y., Wong, C., Kumar, N., Kärtner, J., Hofer, J. & Achoui, M. (2009). Individualism-collectivism as descriptive norms: Development of a subjective norm approach to culture measurement. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 40, 187-213.

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2007 - 2008 Publications

Fischer, R., Harb, C., Al-Sarraf, S., & Nashabe, O. (2008). Support for resistance in Iraq: An explorative study. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 30, 167-175.

Dekker, S. & Fischer, R. (2008). Cultural Differences in Academic Motivation Goals: A meta-analysis across thirteen societies. Journal of Educational Research, 101, 99-110.

Fischer, R. & Chalmers, A. (2008). Is optimism universal? A meta-analytical investigation of optimism levels across 22 nations. Personality and Individual Differences, 45, 378-382.

Khaled, R., Barr, P., Noble, J., Fischer, R., & Biddle, R. (2008). Fine tuning the persuasion in persuasive games. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4744, 36-47.

Fischer, R., Maes, J., & Schmitt, M. (2007). Tearing the down the ‘wall in the heads’: Culture contact between Germans. International Journal for Intercultural Relations, 31, 163-179.

Fischer, R., Smith, P. B., Richey, B.E., Ferreira, M. C., Assmar, E. M. L., Maes, J., & Stumpf, S. (2007). How do organizations allocate rewards? The predictive validity of national values, economic and organizational factors across six nations. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 38, 3-18. DOI: 10.1177/0022022106295437

Jackson, B. & Fischer, R. (2007). Biculturalism in employee selection or ‘Who should get the job’? Perception of Maori and Pakeha job applicants in a NZ European sample. New ZealandJournal of Psychology, 36, 100-109.

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2005 - 2006 Publications

Fischer, R. (2006). Congruence and Functions of Personal and Cultural Values: Do My Values Reflect My Culture’s Values? Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 32, 1419-1431.

Fischer, R. & Smith, P. B. (2006). Justice criteria in the work place: The importance of values for perceptions of justice. Applied Psychology: International Review, 55, 541-562.

Khaled, R., Barr, P., Noble, J., Fischer, R., & Biddle, R. (2006). Our Place or Mine? Exploration into Collectivism-Focused Persuasive Technology Design. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3962, 72 – 83.

Fischer, R., Ferreira, M. C., Assmar, E. M. L., Redford, P., & Harb, C. (2005). Organizational behaviour across cultures: Theoretical and methodological issues for developing multi-level frameworks involving culture. International Journal for Cross-Cultural Management, 5, 27-48.

Terracciano, A., (Fischer, R.), et al. (2005). National Character Does Not Reflect Mean Personality Trait Levels in 49 Cultures. Science, 310, 96-100.

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2003 - 2004 Publications

Fischer, R. & Smith, P. B. (2004). Values and organizational justice: Performance and seniority-based allocation criteria in UK and Germany. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 6, 669-688.

Fischer, R. (2004). Organizational reward allocation principles: Testing organizational and cross-cultural differences. International Journal for Intercultural Relations, 28, 151-164.

Fischer, R. (2004). Standardization to Account for Cross-Cultural Response Bias: A Classification of Score Adjustment Procedures and Review of Research in JCCP. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 35, 263-282.

Beuke, C. J., Fischer, R., & MacDowall, J. (2003). Anxiety and depression: Why and how to measure their separate effects. Clinical Psychology Review, 23, 831-848.Fischer, R. & Smith, P. B. (2003). Reward allocation and culture: A meta-analysis. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 34, 251-268.

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