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Prof Maryanne Garry

Professor, School of Psychology
School of Psychology

Phone: 04 463 5769
Location: Room 508, , Kelburn Campus

Prof Maryanne Garry

Teaching in 2016

PSYC 322 - Memory
Course Coordinator

PSYC 413 - Advanced Cognitive Psychology
Course Coordinator

PSYC 435 - Traumatic Memories and Repression
Course Coordinator

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PhD Connecticut

Research Interests

Real-life memory distortions, especially as they apply to legal settings

I am interested in how we can come to believe we saw or did something that we never did, and how we decide whether our memories are true or false. I have testified in court and consulted with defence attorneys on the legal implications for these issues (for instance, the accuracy of eyewitness testimony and "recovered" memories of childhood sexual abuse).

  • memory
  • memory distortions
  • false memories
  • photographs and memory


Selected Publications