Maryanne Garry

Reader School of Psychology

Research interests

  • Memory
  • False memories
  • Memories of sexual abuse
  • Eyewitness memory
  • Eyewitness identification
  • Lineups
  • Multiple personalities
  • Imagination
  • Leading questions
  • Jury instructions
  • Psychology and the law
  • repression
  • repressed memories
  • jurors
  • jury
  • juries
  • suggestibility
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PhD University of Connecticut

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Research Interests

Real-life memory distortions, especially as they apply to legal settings

Maryanne is interested in experiences that never happened, how we can come to believe we saw or did something that we never did, and how we decide whether our memories are true or false. She has testified in court and consulted with defence attorneys on the legal implications for these issues (for instance, the accuracy of eyewitness testimony and "recovered" memories of childhood sexual abuse).

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A picture is worth a thousand lies 1A picture is worth a thousand lies 2

Photograph from Wade, K.A, Garry, M, Read, J.D, and Lindsay, D.S. (2002). A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. 9, 597-603.


Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science;

Past President,  Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition


Selected Publications