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Prof Colleen Ward

Director of CACR
School of Psychology

Phone: 04 463 6037
Location: Room 626, Easterfield Building, Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Prof Colleen Ward

Teaching in 2016

PSYC 433 - Current Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Course Coordinator


PhD Dunelm University

Researched Interests

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Cross-cultural psychology, acculturation and adaptation, intercultural relations

At the most general level I am interested in how culture affects human behaviour and experience. I am particularly concerned with acculturation processes and the prediction of psychological and socio-cultural adaptation of persons who make cross-cultural transitions. I also conduct research on cultural identity and inter-group processes, including the mutual perceptions of immigrants and members of a host society.


You can download additional information about the following scales:

  • Acculturation Index
  • Socio-cultural Adaptation Scale
  • Index of Sojourner Social Support
  • Singapore Androgyny Inventory
  • Attitudes toward Rape Victims Scale


Selected Publications