School of Psychology

School of Psychology

Know your Potential; Know your Mind: Study Psychology at Victoria

Do you often find yourself intrigued by others and trying to understand why people do the things they do? If so, then studying Psychology at Victoria sounds like it is for you!


Studying psychology is a fascinating and dynamic journey. Whether you want to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist, a psychological researcher, or you are still undecided but know that psychology sounds like something you would love, you can be confident that studying psychology will provide you with a multitude of skills that will equip you for any career path. Graduates with degrees in psychology are sought after by employers for their insight and scientific understanding of complex human behaviours.


At Victoria, you can look forward to exploring a variety of topics including how people come to have entirely false memories about things that never happened to them; understanding the innermost workings of the brain; exploring reasons for why people commit crime; learning about how we really can teach an old dog new tricks! The journey of studying psychology will not just help you to understand others, but to understand yourself too.


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20 March 2015 The pursuit of happiness
You probably already have it in your diaries, but just in case you don’t, 20 March is the International Day of Happiness. Read more
29 January 2015 Researcher to probe purpose of painseekers
Dr Ron Fischer leaves for Denmark this week to embark on an 18-month study exploring the mindsets of pain seekers. Read more
29 January 2015 Love helps solve the puzzle of human evolution
Romantic love is a commitment device for motivating pair-bonding in humans, says research by Professor Garth Fletcher. Read more

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The School of Psychology has once again taken out top honours in the latest PBRF. The School has also received more national teaching awards than any other psychology department in New Zealand.

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