New Zealand Physics Teachers' Resource Bank

New Zealand Physics Teachers' Resource Bank


On this website you will find lots of ideas for physics classroom demonstrations, experiments and activities. These are specifically designed for the New Zealand physics and science curriculum from intermediate school to university. Many of the experiments, demonstrations, and activities directly support particular NCEA physics achievement standards and NCEA science achievement standards. Read more »


If you are in the Wellington area we are happy to visit your school and perform suitable demonstrations live or arrange to have your class visit Victoria University. We can sometimes visit schools outside of the Wellington area, particularly if we can visit multiple schools on a single trip. Read more about our demonstration programmes and arrange a visit if you wish. 

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Te Reo Maori Physics Project

Some of the resources posted on this website were developed as part of the Te Reo Maori Physics Project. Read more >>


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Featured Resources

NEW: Bouncing Magnet

One of the most amazing demos we have seen! A very large and very strong rare earth magnet is dropped on a copper block cooled in liquid nitrogen. The magnet is seen to bounce “off the field” a few cm above the copper block. This surprising behaviour cannot be explained using Faraday’s Law and Lenz’s Law only. Why does the magnet bounce?  Read more »

NEW: Colour Shadows
You may have noticed while walking on a city street on a moonlit night that you have two shadows, one bluish and the other reddish. This phenomenon is explored and explained in a demonstration that can be set up easily. Read more »

Eddy Current Drag

A strong rare Earth magnet and slabs of copper illustrate electronmagnetic induction and eddy currents in dramatic fashion.Read more »

Sound Flames

Height of flames from holes in a tube shows sound nodes and antinodes. A video, data, and discussion are included.

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Computer Colours

Software designed to illustrate how computers display colours and how computers store image data. For physics, science, and ICT teachers. Available in English and te reo Maori.Read more »

Spinning Rattleback

Conservation of angular momentum is explored with the strange behaviours of the spinning rattleback by operating it on an air table.

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