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The NZTA Database

The New Zealand Theatre Archive Database

is a National Register of New Zealand theatre collections held by theatre organisations, people, companies, venues, libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies 
is maintained at the New Zealand Theatre Archive office, situated in the Theatre programme of Victoria University of Wellington’s School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies
lists more than 350 New Zealand theatre collections and provides information on where they are held and how they can be accessed
development is currently underway to provide online access via the Community Archive

Searching the Database

Currently access to the database is available through Victoria University of Wellington (by prior arrangement with the New Zealand Theatre Archive). For information from the database or for appointments to view the database, contact the NZ Theatre Archive.

Records from the NZ Theatre Archive database have also been contributed to the Community Archive.

Researchers interested in theatre archives may also find these online resources useful:

  • The Community Archive provides a searchable database of archive collections held in New Zealand
  • The National Library of New Zealand provides access to the archives and manuscript collections at the Alaexander Turnbull Library through the Tapuhi database
  • The Hocken Library holds archives relating to theatre and drama in Dunedin and the wider Otago area. The Hocken collections can be searched using the Hakena database
Database updates

We thank all those who contributed to our database. If you have any theatre or drama records that could be added to the database, please contact the NZ Theatre Archive.

















Updated: 31 July, 2012