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Master of Nursing Science

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Our Nursing Science programme is designed for qualified and experienced Registered Nurses seeking to develop their theoretical knowledge and practical skills - both in general practice and in specialist areas of expertise.

The Master of Nursing Science (MNS) comprises eight courses in total (240pts). To gain a Master of Nursing Science (MNS) you will need to successfully complete the following courses:

Part One - Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Science (60pts)

Part Two - Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Science (60pts)

  • HLTH 514 Advanced Assessment and Clinical Reasoning, and
  • A further 30 point elective course

Part Three - students can choose to undertake coursework or focus on research courses to complete the Master of Nursing Science (120pts).

Coursework focus

  • Two 30 point elective courses
  • HLTH 519 Research Review
  • HLTH 520 Practice Placement


Research Focus

Once you have completed a Master of Nursing Science successfully, you may wish to consider and apply for entry into our PhD programmes offered in nursing, midwifery and health.

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Nurse Practitioner Pathway

Our nurse practitioner programme provides a distinctive pathway and structure framed within the Master of Nursing Science. The recommended pathway has been internationally benchmarked, and will provide you with the knowledge and skills of an advanced health professional. You will need to complete seven courses and on pre-approved elective.

The suitability of your elective course will need to be agreed upon by the Lecturer Nurse Practitioner and approved by the Head of School. In addition it must support your development as a Nurse Practitioner. Your award will be a Masters in Nursing Science and having undertaken the recommended courses will meet the New Zealand Nursing Council's stipulated requirements for Nurse Practitioners

The courses recommended are as follows:

  • HLTH 501 Principles of Research
  • HLTH 502 Applied Pathophysiology
  • HLTH 514 Advanced Assessment and Clinical Reasoning
  • a pre-approved 30 point elective course
  • HLTH 517 Diagnositics and Therapeutics
  • HLTH 518 Pharmacology
  • HLTH 519 Research Review
  • HLTH 531 Nurse Practitioner Practicum

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Application for Admission

From 1 October you will be able to enrol online

If you have any enquiries regarding future study options please contact:

Postgraduate Administrator
Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health
Victoria University of Wellington
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