Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health

Prof Jo Walton

Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health

Phone: 04 463 6135
Location: CS703, Level 7, Wellington Hospital Clinical Services Block

Prof Jo Walton

Teaching in 2016

HLTH 520 - Practice Project
Course Coordinator

HLTH 524 - Leadership in Health Care
Course Coordinator

HLTH 594 - Thesis for Master of Nursing Science
Course Coordinator

NURS 690 - Nursing for PhD
Course Coordinator


RN, MA(Hons), PhD (Massey)


As Professor of Nursing Jo brings to her role a wide and varied background in clinical, academic and governance posts in the health and academic sectors.

Jo held the position of Head of School of GSNMH for 7 years, and led the School through a series of major changes in staffing, curriculum offerings, research profile and premises during that time. She is currently also a member of Nursing Council New Zealand.

Jo’s research interests are wide and her passion is to demonstrate how nursing can help improve the health outcomes of the vulnerable, the disabled and the chronically ill.

Recent publications

Authored book chapters

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Journal articles, editorials and papers

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Conference presentations, proceedings, and research seminars

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Other publications

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