Connecting alumni and students

Victoria University of Wellington's Alumni as Mentors programme connects students in their penultimate or final-year at university with alumni in the workforce.

The programme is a chance for graduates at any stage in their career—from mid-management to CEO—to enhance their personal and professional development, and gain satisfaction from ‘giving back’ to the University community.

Each duo is carefully matched to ensure that both participants get the maximum out of the relationship. Students develop their employability skills and gain a better understanding of the world of work from their mentor while many alumni find they also learn a lot from the student.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Frazer Allan describes the Alumni as Mentors programme as an advantageous way for students to get advice from “people who have been there and done that”.

“Students who have been involved really benefit from the sort of insights that mentors can share. Mentors tell us that the programme is a terrific professional development tool, as well as a challenging and rewarding experience.”

This year, Victoria is piloting an international programme to extend the well-established Wellington-based Alumni as Mentors Programme to international students and alumni living overseas.

Learn more about the Alumni as Mentors programme by sending the Alumni as Mentors team an email or on our website.